Call me

So there I was enjoying my caffeinated drink. Enjoying the peace and quiet while the kids were outside playing. I decided it was a great time to finally tackle my personal email inbox and the such. This particular email receives 12345 million spam messages a day, along with the various FWD: FWD: FWD: and notes […]

Power Ranger Death

I know exactly who took this picture…it’s obviously a dead giveaway. Power Ranger = Dayton.

Eye Spy

With my up close eye. I can’t tell you have many pictures I have like this with my kids playing with the camera.

I Saw The Sign #4

I didn’t take the particular picture, a friend of mine did. But I have seen this sign as it is a place in Arizona. And I do believe this sign has now changed and no longer looks like this but does have something much more hilarious. One day I’ll take a picture of it! In […]

Jon Lajoie #2

Again, language warning. But reason number two while I love me some Jon Lajoie. I love this guy, Really, Really, love him! Oh…but the best part of this video is his 80’s – 90’s outfit and his dancing.

Keep Kids Humble

This post isn’t to incite a collective “awww how sad”. Nope. It’s pretty humorous. In Arizona you use your heat rarely. And if you have gas supplying that heat (and your hot water) you understand that you are paying a frivolous bill during the year. Truly. I think at the max during a years span, […]

The Following Takes Place…

An old post from a different time. My words. My stuff. Written last year around the same time as now. Brent’s made it home and we are all very happy. We were all up pretty late last night but it was all for a good reason. This morning the kids lets us sleep in a […]