Natural Hair Care Products

Learning all there is about the beauty industry and the things that it entails is an ongoing process. It isn’t just the hairstyles, makeup looks and so on — it’s the brands, products and ingredients. I talked a bit about acne medicine ingredients, but only briefly. There are a wide variety of choices out there […]

Handmade Christmas Beauty Products

As I spend most of my days on the look out for beauty products that I must have and ones I must share with you (OK I guess I do other things too) – I come across some of the most magnificent things to share. I really wanted to make a point when it comes […]

Homemade Christmas Candles

With Halloween only a couple weeks away it means two things: Thanksgiving then Christmas. It seems as though this time of the year seems to go flying by and with a blink of the eye we are toasting champagne and waving goodbye to yet another year. And if you have gone into most major retailers […]

Handmade Halloween Costumes

We are in October people! It’s here and even with all the talk of Halloween, you still may be behind on costume ideas and other goodies for the fun holiday. But let’s not fret. I am here to show you some fabulous handmade Halloween Costumes & Accessories from Etsy. Hopefully you can either purchase them […]

At Home Beauty Treatments

Here are some at home beauty treatments that are either homemade or you can easily purchase at the store. They are effective and inexpensive and well help you prepare for a fabulous week or even next day of looking amazing!   Swollen Eye Tips: Are your eyes puffy and swollen? Well get rid of them […]

Homemade Bubble Bath

This homemade bubble bath is so fun and actually pretty easy to do. I don’t use bubble bath all the time so that is why I go with the homemade version. Plus using a bubble bath at night with some candles is the best way to unwind from a icky kind of day! What you […]

Get Salon Style Nails At Home

I absolutely love going to the nail salon and getting my hands and feet all pampered. There is absolutely nothing like it. I love the way I feel and the way I smell afterward. But alas it’s expensive and sometimes I just don’t have the time to get down there. So if you are like […]

Homemade Facial Masks

Oh man do I love giving myself a facial. And I love the products out there to aid in getting my skin looking fantastic, but as I mentioned previously, beauty products can eat away at your budget. And sometimes we just want it now. So if you are looking for some great ways to get […]

Homemade Hair Shine Rinse

I realize that beauty products are normally the most expensive thing to purchase (if you are like me) and often eat up a good portion of your budget. Are you on a stricter budget now and looking for ways to cut costs by making homemade? Well here is great way to get shiny hair for […]

Homemade Bath Oil

Bath oils are a fantastic way to soften the skin and slow down your day with a lovely soak in the bath. And not all of us want to go to the store and sometimes spend a good penny on bath oils that we may not use all the time. So why not make some […]