5 Items To Always Have In Your Bathroom

I can tell you what makeup you should have, what basic makeup brushes to always have and the other makeup kit items you’ll need — but I wanted to cover something else. 5 liquid items that you should always keep in your bathroom {or elsewhere} that are extremely versatile, especially with beauty.   1. Rubbing […]

5 Uses For Baby Oil

You honestly don’t have to be a parent to go out and purchase products with the name baby in it. Baby Oil. Baby Shampoo. Baby Powder. While the intent (maybe?) is for parents to purchase this product and use it on their babies, these products also have a wide variety and often uncommon usability. I […]

5 Uncommon Uses For Baby Shampoo

I know it seems awfully weird for me as an adult with no babies to talk about baby shampoo. But when my children were small I used it and I remember using it on my own hair after giving birth the first time. But regardless, I am here to talk about other uses for baby […]

Country Western Charm Home Decor

If you are like me, your home while lasting longer then a year (or more) is temporary to the ultimate goal of gettin’ back to the country. Back to your roots. So to bring a little back home, into your house, you turn to decor. One of my favorite things about the Country Western “Charm” […]

How To Capture The “Country Cottage” Ambiance In Your Home

If there is anything that I am actually quite good at, it’s decorating a home. I love walking into a beautiful home to see how each room overflows with personality, appeal and best of all – comfort. Walking into a home where you are immediately hit with the ‘don’t touch that’ feel and you are […]

Deep Cleaning – Organization

Part of my routine when it comes to deep cleaning my house is organization. There is something very satisfying I feel when I get things put back in the spot they belong or when I find the right home for everything. If you read my Organizing A Blog post, you know I am about even […]

Smelly Washer Review

Part of my deep cleaning process is cleaning the laundry room too. Which includes getting my washing machine clean and getting my towels etc to smell fresh! Yes, yes I am anal. But with the kids being in school I actually have the time to do the things I have been dying to do for […]

Rubbermaid Reveal Review & Giveaway

As I have said before I have very little tile in my house but enough that most typical mops aren’t the best to use. I like to keep a mop in the front part of the house and the back part of the house. That way I am not running back and forth just to […]

O-Cedar ProMistâ„¢ Wet or Dry Floor Cleaning System Review

In our old house in Texas we had a TON of tile. Basically the whole house was tile and keeping it clean was my biggest challenge. Now obviously my biggest challenge is carpet, but I still have tile in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and right by the front door. It’s not a lot of […]

My Yard Progress

My Yard Progress

So about 4 weeks ago Brent told me I had to keep “his” yard green. And alive.  I hate that. I’m a yard killer. Capital M – Murderer. I can keep flowers alive, some day I’ll show you pictures of flowers I have babied, but grass…why can’t it water itself? First of all – watering […]