Beautiful and Unique Pictures To Decorate Your Home With

When I realized I really had no decoration in my bathrooms I had to fix it. And I had tons of various pictures, different decor pieces, colors and towels but I had them unorganized and not laid out in style. So I went to work on my downstairs bathroom and created my Americana Themed Bathroom. […]

Create An Americana Inspired Bathroom

I have this little affliction with Americana, patriotic themed home decor. I have my living room decorated with some Americana pieces, some classic baseball pieces and a bit of retro thrown in there. This picture. It’s a good image for what inspires me for my living room decor. So back to my bathroom. The bathroom […]

How To Create An Inspiration Board

Some people call it a vision board, dream board (or other names), I call it a inspiration board. A way to keep the things I love, want, make me happy, inspire me etc all in one place and near me. Near me, as in, in the place I am at the most = my office. […]

Office Inspiration Makeover #1

My office needed a makeover. My space needed to be mine again. I needed to ditch the drab and shine the light back into my creative soul. So here is the beginning stages of my inspirational office makeover! Inspirational Board Inspiration Wall Pretty Organization Fun Dry Erase Stickers And lots of light!

Country Western Charm Home Decor

If you are like me, your home while lasting longer then a year (or more) is temporary to the ultimate goal of gettin’ back to the country. Back to your roots. So to bring a little back home, into your house, you turn to decor. One of my favorite things about the Country Western “Charm” […]

How To Capture The “Country Cottage” Ambiance In Your Home

If there is anything that I am actually quite good at, it’s decorating a home. I love walking into a beautiful home to see how each room overflows with personality, appeal and best of all – comfort. Walking into a home where you are immediately hit with the ‘don’t touch that’ feel and you are […]