Updated Outdoor Furniture

Want a quick way to update your outdoor furniture? It’s super easy with a can of Rust-Oleum, a screw driver and just a bit of time! As if I didn’t have enough backyard work to do, I decided that our chairs and tables (tables are tomorrow) needed an update. All I did was become friends […]

Life In The Bedroom

Yeah, you totally thought dirty with that title and that’s why you clicked over? Sorry. I’m actually talking about the extreme dullness in decorating when it comes to my bedroom. All throughout my house I have put my personal touches and decorated well. But then…then there is my bedroom. We have a window seat in […]

Classy Home Decorating

When I moved into this new house, which I will post video of pictures soon of it, I wanted to decorate the extra room in here with style. I wanted this house while large to still be inviting and comfortable. But I didn’t want it to look like I had thrown some things up on […]

Dining Room Day Dreaming

In all the houses Brent and I have lived in, I think only two of them had a place separate from the kitchen for a dining room table.  One house in Nacogdoches, Texas was very old and the dining room had this very 70’s like light with these fencing or rails of sort to above […]

Dress Up The Backyard

Now that Brent and I have invested in the pool, the swing set and a grill we are lacking still in our backyard. One grass. Which is slowly starting to grow now that we spend a lot of time back there. And outdoor patio furniture. We actually have a portable style bar that we put […]

Airjet Shower Head

Back in Texas, Brent and I had literally no water pressure in our house. I am not lying. NONE. It would take about an hour just to fill up the bathtub. Luckily we ran off a well and didn’t have to pay for water – otherwise we would’ve been broke. When we moved here to […]