How To Capture The “Country Cottage” Ambiance In Your Home

If there is anything that I am actually quite good at, it’s decorating a home. I love walking into a beautiful home to see how each room overflows with personality, appeal and best of all – comfort. Walking into a home where you are immediately hit with the ‘don’t touch that’ feel and you are […]

Life In The Bedroom

Yeah, you totally thought dirty with that title and that’s why you clicked over? Sorry. I’m actually talking about the extreme dullness in decorating when it comes to my bedroom. All throughout my house I have put my personal touches and decorated well. But then…then there is my bedroom. We have a window seat in […]

Classy Home Decorating

When I moved into this new house, which I will post video of pictures soon of it, I wanted to decorate the extra room in here with style. I wanted this house while large to still be inviting and comfortable. But I didn’t want it to look like I had thrown some things up on […]

PartyLite Review

One of the best parts about Deep Cleaning your house is when it’s all done. You can light your candles, spray your sprays and sit back in a clean – great smelling house. Or at least that is my favorite part. As soon as my house is scrubbed from top to bottom, I light all […]

Lighting Style – For Your Home

I try my hardest to incorporate even the most minor details into my house to make it a home. Those small things CAN and WILL make the place you are living feel homey, believe it or not. The right kind of curtains in a living room can give the room a relaxed and comfortable feel. […]

Dining Room Day Dreaming

In all the houses Brent and I have lived in, I think only two of them had a place separate from the kitchen for a dining room table.  One house in Nacogdoches, Texas was very old and the dining room had this very 70’s like light with these fencing or rails of sort to above […] Review

If there is anything that I desire the most when shopping (including online) it’s finding unique things. I like finding items that aren’t found so readily and if they are – aren’t bought up and used by 5 million other people. It’s a simple way for me to show my personality. That’s all. Let me […]

Linens ‘N Things Love & Coupon Code

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Linens ‘N Things. All opinions are 100% mine. If there is one thing about Brent, it’s his love of “crisp and cold” sheets. How does he obtain the cold part? Well blasting the AC at negative 20 degrees with two flans blowing on us. […]

The Fragrance Collection by Glade – Review

I was able to try out and spread the word thanks to BzzAgent , The Fragrance Collection by Glade. I am a lover of all things smell good. OK, to be myself in this honest review about this product, I am a smell whore. When it comes to candles I tend to look for a […]