Xyli-Tots Lollies Review & Giveaway

With Halloween bordering just around the corner there are a few things we as parents worry about. Safety. Costumes. Candy. Right? Well I am sure there is more but those are the things we Greer’s worry about. When I was a kids we got a TON of candy, had to get it checked and then […]

What Ruins Halloween?

My friends and I have a lot of discussions about Halloween. A LOT. They are Halloween addicts and every year they full on get dressed up. I’m talking complete awesome costumes down to details, make up, hair etc. Then they attend a GIGANTIC Halloween bash in Phoenix that to enter..you have to be dressed up. […]

Pumpkin Fluff Frosting / Cake Recipe

With Fall in full swing, Halloween now over, I want to start dishing out some of my recipes. I love cooking (gasp) and baking during the fall. I’m not sure if it warms up my house in the cool weather or if it just feels go to do it. Here is the recipe for my […]

Numero Uno

I honestly am not the biggest fan of Halloween. I love the sweets. But three kids on sweets is like three kids on crack (candy crack). They are anxious all day. Then comes the meltdowns¬† of “Can we get ready now?”, “I don’t want to wear that now!”, “Why is it taking so long?” and […]