What Ruins Halloween

What Ruins Halloween

My friends and I have a lot of discussions about Halloween. A LOT. They are Halloween addicts and every year they full on get dressed up. I’m talking complete awesome costumes down to details, make up, hair etc. Then they attend a GIGANTIC Halloween bash in Phoenix that to enter..you have to be dressed up. […]

More Hot Halloween Beauty Treats

ou can’t say with all these Halloween Goodies I am posting that you aren’t getting excited for it? Well I have found ever more yummy beautiful Halloween beauty treats that you just must have this season! Knock ’em Dead Total Look Kit – Manic Panic Spiders & Ghosts – LECHAT Nails Halloween Nail Polish Strips […]

Hot Halloween Nails

You can’t go all out on your Halloween costumes, style and hair without going hot with your nails! Here I am going to highlight some fabulous colors, art and more in time for Halloween! Don’t be afraid to share some of your Halloween favorites too!                 Stay up […]

Last Song For Halloween

Halloween Songs/Music! This is the very last song for Halloween! Halloween is almost here! Are you excited? I know I am. This song probably should have made it higher but what can I say at least I added it right? There is nothing funner to listen to on Halloween then the Monster Mash!

Songs For Halloween #3

Song 3 for Halloween Songs/Music. This song is a pretty hard song so if you are at work or near kids I wouldn’t blast it too loud. But it’s one of the songs I just have to listen to for Halloween! I’m pretty sure that Rob Zombie is the epitome of Halloween but who knows […]

Halloween Songs

Check out all things Halloween including other Songs for Halloween! Now you really can’t argue with song either. I mean when it comes to Halloween these are the songs that I just can’t live without. I hardly even listen to them throughout the year just so I can get excited about them during Halloween! Rocky […]

Songs For Halloween

Check out all things Halloween and Halloween Music related! Here’s another classic “songs for Halloween” I am going to post a couple videos/songs that totally remind me of Halloween every year. They are the must plays for me during the month of October! This is the number song on my list for must plays during […]

Create Trick ‘r Treat Bags

A fun way to create Halloween bags for Trick ‘r Treating. Yesterday I gave you some costume ideas for on the cheap and with things at home. Here are a couple ideas for trick ‘r treating bags. We used pillow cases at home and you can still use those but sometimes you want to just […]

Create Cheap Costumes

It’s October which means Halloween is nearing. Buying candy to pass out is expensive but so is buying costumes. If you are like me, three kids or more, can get expensive when it comes to buying costumes. Of course our kids want the fanciest and most expensive but sometimes that is just not feasible. So […]

Worms In Dirt Recipe

    Print Worms In Dirt Recipe   Fun Halloween themed recipe that kids can help make! Ingredients 1 16 oz package of Oreo Cookies 2 Cups Cold Milk 1 package Jell-O Chocolate Instant Pudding 1 8 oz Cool Whip serving cups (or if you want to make this quick buy pre-made pudding cups) Gummy […]