Flat Iron Tips

It has taken me quite awhile to get down the proper usage of a flat iron. I bet some of you, like me, didn’t think twice when firing p with flat iron and straightening your hair. Often times you turn it to the highest heat and straighten away. The first thing you should think about […]

A Must For My Hair

My hair for the most part is very versatile. I can do pretty much anything to it and it will stick. But when my hair is in humid weather, like when I attended Bloggers on Bourbon, it tend to like to poof and frizz A LOT. So when it comes to various hairstyles in tricky […]

Hair Styling Must Have

A couple Christmas’ back my daughters got an InStyler. I never used it as I love my regular flat iron and I never curled my hair. Well not never, but hardly ever as my hair doesn’t hold curls that well. I then cut my hair about a year ago. It was pretty long and I […]