Hairstyles For Face Shape

I still have a few more face shapes to go and I already covered what hairstyles are for a round face. Right now I wanted to cover the Oval Shaped Face, the Heart Shaped Face and the Long Face. It seemed easier to throw these three in together and show you what style and cut […]

The Time Warp Style

As I was seeking out inspiration and styles I liked I happened upon a plethora of collections that I just wanted to stare at for hours. I already skimmed over one very briefly in my Swinging Sixties Style, but now I wanted to touch more on one of my favorites – We are going towards […]

Hairstyles For A Round Face

One thing I haven’t covered yet and hopefully I can touch on all of them, is your face shape, neck length etc and hairstyles. I know that before I started losing weight I wanted to get a cut that made my face look slimmer. You know give the illusion of weight loss. But often times […]

Get A Runway Worthy Look

With Fashion Week coming to a close and my notes piled up in front of me, I am not quite ready to bring you a break down of what you are going to see in trend for spring just yet. In the meantime though, I have some great ways to get these runway looks now. […]

Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorials

I’m sure you are thinking that pretty much every living person old enough to brush their own hair knows how to do the common ponytail hairstyle. I’m hoping you are right. So I thought instead I would bring you ponytail hairstyle tutorials that are not that common look. As it has been observed and noted, […]

5 Halloween Hairstyle Ideas

Now that I’ve got you brainstorming some hot Halloween costumes, let’s dive into some hairstyles to match. These aren’t exactly going to match my ideas, but hopefully the hairstyles will get your creative juices flowing even more, for that perfectly funky and fun costume! And don’t you worry I’ve got some great makeup coming up […]

Hair Trend From: Diane von Furstenberg RTW Spring 2012

I caught a glimpse of the Diane von Furstenberg collection via and while most are watching the clothes, well if you know me, I was keeping my eyes on the hair and makeup styling. Once I gather all my notes from each collection and show I’ll be able to bring you a breakdown of […]

Get Celebrity Style Hair With Ric Pipino

All day long I can create wonderful tutorials and articles on creating elegant, beautiful and simple hairstyles at home that are to die for. I can walk you through some of the great products out there but honestly, sometimes you just want to hear it from the real experts. Ric Pipino is a celebrity stylist […]

Fall Hairstyles To Watch For

The Fall Hair Trends pretty much covered what colors to stick with this fall and included some accessories and very little styles. But now that fall is creeping in and we’re tired of summer again {ha!}, we are all curious about what styles are going to make major waves. Well here they are! The demi […]

Perfectly Messy Hairstyle

Messy. It’s a bad word among hairstyles. But what if you would have that perfect messy hair. That actually looks fantastic and unique? Well let me help you get it! This particular messy hairstyle is an overnight style so be ready for that.   What you need to create the perfectly messy hairstyle: Tousle Me […]