5 Summer Styles For Long Hair

5 Summer Styles For Long Hair

5 Summer Styles For Long Hair With summer upon us, one thing is for certain — hairstyles change. We spend a bit less time doing it and much more time in the sun. For those with long hair — well styling just might have to take a back burner. But fear not for those who […]

Short Hair Updo

Short Hair Updo

Part of the requirements for our portfolio for school is updo’s. 2 of them. On my schedule and in general you aren’t see a huge wave of clients coming in for updo’s and the like unless it’s homecoming or prom season. We are only allowed to do updo’s on our mannequins for our portfolio because […]

5 Short Hair Cuts To Consider

5 Short Hair Cuts To Consider

I have short hair. Since starting school in November, my hair has steadily gone shorter and blonder. I’m not afraid to experiment. I was browsing Pinterest this afternoon and found 5 Short Hair Cuts that I would consider going shorter for. Or that you should. Whatever. But courtesy of Pinterest (and citing original source of […]

Fun and Messy Short Hairstyle

About a week ago I went in and had all my hair chopped off. It was about 2 inches or so past my shoulders and now it barely sits on my shoulders. And with spring right around the corner (OK I am thinking wishfully) I realized I needed to start getting my hair lighter. Unfortunately […]

5 Fabulous Textured Hairstyles

Right now I would describe my hair as absolutely boring. The thing about attending beauty school is the minute you walk in you think that. You want to cut, style and color your hair at least a thousand different ways. And until you get that first cut, you deem your hair lifeless and boring. My […]

Facial Profiles and Hairstyles

There are a variety of factors that will and should influence your decisions when it comes to your next haircut and style. Whether it be your face shape, lifestyle, clothing style and what I am about to talk about now – facial profile. It may seem like a lot of information that you will walk […]

How To Do A Curly Hairstyle For Long Hair

I bet you have been dying for me to get more tutorials out there, especially now that I am in school. Honestly you are wondering what the benefit to you is when I’m in school right?! Well let’s get started on how to do a curly hairstyle for long hair. You can probably pull this […]

Hairstyles For Thanksgiving

And you thought I was going to leave you hanging huh?! Not so much. If you read I covered the best makeup looks for Thanksgiving and Pinup Chronicles covered What To Wear On Thanksgiving. Now it’s time to complete the entire look with hair and make your Thanksgiving amazing and stylish. So here are some […]

Hair Do’s And Don’t For Face Shapes

Even with my crazy busy schedule right now I try to keep my promises! I promised to bring you the do’s and don’t(s) when it comes to your hair and your face shape. Have you landed here and not totally sure about your face shape? Well read: What Is The Shape Of My Face? for […]

What Is My Face Shape

I touched very briefly on hairstyles for face shapes and gave pretty vague answers to it. Well I wanted to go back to this and talk about face shapes some more and a way for you to identify your face shape and then I’ll talk more about what hairstyles fit these shapes. So first thing […]