Hair Styling Must Have

A couple Christmas’ back my daughters got an InStyler. I never used it as I love my regular flat iron and I never curled my hair. Well not never, but hardly ever as my hair doesn’t hold curls that well. I then cut my hair about a year ago. It was pretty long and I […]

Shampoo & Conditioner Tip & Trick

If there is one thing that us Greer’s use and use up heavily is Shampoo & Conditioner. The kids seem to find it entertaining to quickly use up both of these things in one sitting. I always end up using more of one or the other somehow and I’m pretty sure it’s a household conspiracy […]

Dyed My Hair Again

Yup, I went and did it again. I dyed my hair. I have a serious hair dying addiction and can’t help it. What it did and I did all by myself, is dye the underneath and the back part of my head a very, very dark brown. Then I added chunky blonde and super red […]

Hana Professional Flat Iron 1″ Review

I’ve had my fair share of experiences with a  flat iron. I’ve tried every single one possible that I could get my hands on and I’ve always had a few things that I was disappointed in: It would leave kinks in my hair It would pull my hair while trying to straighten it I would […]

Goody Hair Accessories Review

If there is one thing with girls where you just can’t go wrong it’s with hair accessories. My girls love them, especially Tristan. Well Goody has come out with the Midnight Glamour line that is exclusive to Target on top of expanding more of their Ouchless line! Tristan was my model for each of these […]

The Hair

The (bad) video for the girls! My hizzair!!!