Cut & Wax-A-Thon benefiting Phoenix Children’s Hospital

I just wanted to share this information for those that are local to the state of Arizona and/or Phoenix Metropolitan area! Cut & Wax-A-Thon benefiting Phoenix Children’s Hospital is Thursday 12/8. Come in between 10:00am and 12:00 for $5 Haircuts and $5 Facial Waxing at Kohler Academy. (My school) Be sure to connect with Kohler […]

Shampoo and Conditioner Options

I once talked about the best shampoo (and conditioners) that are affordable and of good quality. Walking into a store, like say Walmart, you realize your options are endless. And the average person who doesn’t attend school for cosmetology, really isn’t going to understand why you should use X product instead of Y product. Right? […]

How To Do A Curly Hairstyle For Long Hair

I bet you have been dying for me to get more tutorials out there, especially now that I am in school. Honestly you are wondering what the benefit to you is when I’m in school right?! Well let’s get started on how to do a curly hairstyle for long hair. You can probably pull this […]

Be Thankful

It’s Thanksgiving. And most every single blogger has a post popping up about being thankful. Pinup Chronicles details her thankfulness in stylish form, giving thanks to heels and glitter and new trends. I am going to have to bow to her mind of great ideas and do my own giving thanks – in beauty form. […]

Hairstyles For Thanksgiving

And you thought I was going to leave you hanging huh?! Not so much. If you read I covered the best makeup looks for Thanksgiving and Pinup Chronicles covered What To Wear On Thanksgiving. Now it’s time to complete the entire look with hair and make your Thanksgiving amazing and stylish. So here are some […]

What Are These Hair Brushes For?

I did a quick run down of what hair brushes and combs you should have, but I didn’t really go in depth with their purpose. Now I’m going to do that. Hopefully the explanation of each of these will help you understand the purpose and usage of them and in turn help you in making […]

What Bumble and Bumble Product Should I Use?

Last week at school we got to do Cleanse and Condition PK on Bumble and Bumble products. PK = Product Knowledge. We made some pretty amazing posters and got some great in depth knowledge on Bumble products and then presented to our classmates. The idea behind this exercise was for obvious reasons – being knowledgeable […]

Aromatherapy For Hair

Aromatherapy for the scalp and hair is a fantastic and therapeutic treatment for your hair. I thought I would give you some quick ideas on what essential oils to use, how to mix and what to do! First thing to always remember is that the essential oil should NOT come in direct contact with your […]

Hair Do’s And Don’t For Face Shapes

Even with my crazy busy schedule right now I try to keep my promises! I promised to bring you the do’s and don’t(s) when it comes to your hair and your face shape. Have you landed here and not totally sure about your face shape? Well read: What Is The Shape Of My Face? for […]

What Is My Face Shape

I touched very briefly on hairstyles for face shapes and gave pretty vague answers to it. Well I wanted to go back to this and talk about face shapes some more and a way for you to identify your face shape and then I’ll talk more about what hairstyles fit these shapes. So first thing […]