5 Hair Brushes and Combs To Have

Hair brushes and combs are the very basic tools (if you wish) to have when it comes to your hair. Often times we just go to the store, pick up a comb/brush and think nothing about it. We don’t know if we need a different kind, size or what the comb/brush can be used for.  […]

Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy

A couple of days ago I decided to purchase three products for my hair at the store. It is from the Organix Hair product line called, Brazilian Keratin Therapy. I used these products following the directions and suggestions given and thought I would share my thoughts and outcome of it. I purchased: Brazilian Keratin Therapy […]

Hair Care Tips

We all need to be reminded of the basics when it comes to hair. And often times the most basic up keep and general hair care tips aren’t common knowledge. So today I am going to share with you the very basic things you should know and do when it comes to your hair everyday. […]

At Home Hair Repair Products

I have covered a lot when it comes to treating and loving your skin, from keeping your skin moisturized and even at home acne treatments. All of it surrounding skin care and what you should do. But I haven’t covered much when it comes to hair. Your hair, just like any other part of your […]

5 Flat Iron Tips

I want to see you should never use a flat iron again, but I’ll be honest, I have a ton of hairstyles and looks {makeup} that often times just call for me to break out my trusty flat iron and get to work. I can’t help it. So what are some tips you should know […]

Salon Style Hair Everyday

As much as we would all love to go to the salon every single day to get a blow out and have beautiful looking hair, it’s not possible. Well it is but it isn’t. So what else can we do? Invest in yourself and your hair by purchasing high quality products that leave your hair […]

At Home Beauty Treatments

Here are some at home beauty treatments that are either homemade or you can easily purchase at the store. They are effective and inexpensive and well help you prepare for a fabulous week or even next day of looking amazing!   Swollen Eye Tips: Are your eyes puffy and swollen? Well get rid of them […]

Fantastic Sams Shampoo and Conditoner

My hair is a large extension of me. Which I need to get some pictures for y’all soon of my fabulous hair, but I change it ALL the time. With the seasons. With my moods. You get the picture right?! Being a Fantastic Sams”atic” gives me the ability to try out some of the fabulous […]

Flat Iron Tips

It has taken me quite awhile to get down the proper usage of a flat iron. I bet some of you, like me, didn’t think twice when firing p with flat iron and straightening your hair. Often times you turn it to the highest heat and straighten away. The first thing you should think about […]

A Must For My Hair

My hair for the most part is very versatile. I can do pretty much anything to it and it will stick. But when my hair is in humid weather, like when I attended Bloggers on Bourbon, it tend to like to poof and frizz A LOT. So when it comes to various hairstyles in tricky […]