Shampoo and Conditioner Options

I once talked about the best shampoo (and conditioners) that are affordable and of good quality. Walking into a store, like say Walmart, you realize your options are endless. And the average person who doesn’t attend school for cosmetology, really isn’t going to understand why you should use X product instead of Y product. Right? […]

What Are These Hair Brushes For?

I did a quick run down of what hair brushes and combs you should have, but I didn’t really go in depth with their purpose. Now I’m going to do that. Hopefully the explanation of each of these will help you understand the purpose and usage of them and in turn help you in making […]

What Bumble and Bumble Product Should I Use?

Last week at school we got to do Cleanse and Condition PK on Bumble and Bumble products. PK = Product Knowledge. We made some pretty amazing posters and got some great in depth knowledge on Bumble products and then presented to our classmates. The idea behind this exercise was for obvious reasons – being knowledgeable […]

Hair Care Gift Ideas

I know that we literally just started November, but that just means that it’s now time to start shopping for Christmas. And I am going to bombard you with hair, makeup and all things beauty related  — gift ideas. I’ve already gave you a great list of stocking stuffer’s under $30 and even some great […]

Natural Hair Care Products

Learning all there is about the beauty industry and the things that it entails is an ongoing process. It isn’t just the hairstyles, makeup looks and so on — it’s the brands, products and ingredients. I talked a bit about acne medicine ingredients, but only briefly. There are a wide variety of choices out there […]

5 Basic Hair Styling Tools

Have you ever spent the time being confused on exactly which hair styling tools you absolutely need and don’t need? I have talked a bit about hair care products and even hair brushes and combs – but I haven’t gone in depth or even touched briefly on the styling tools I think you should absolutely […]

Hair Care Tips For Winter

There are two harsh seasons out of year that not only kill your skin but your hair. Winter and Summer. I covered some great winter skin tips, but now I need to cover hair tips. Much like I have covered with your skin – you need to understand your hair. You need to know it’s […]

Best Budget Hair Shampoo

As much as we would all like to throw down the credit card or debit card and purchase salon quality hair products, it’s not always feasible. Especially during these time and now that Christmas is around the corner. And yes for the most part the quality of hair care products is usually reflected in price. […]

5 Great Products For Curly Hair

I have a natural curl, slight wave, to my hair. When my hair dries it’s not a ringlet style curl but it’s actually very pretty – more of a beachy look. I love it. But I’ll have to be honest, when my hair dries naturally it drives me crazy. The curls/wave can get frizzy or […]

5 Hair Care Tips on a Budget

Times can often be tough and I recently just sat down and did my budget. I have a bit of luxury of having a larger beauty budget, but of course I also make my own money so that I can have my own play money for beauty. But life hasn’t always been that way and […]