Growing Tree Toys $25 Gift Card Giveaway

Now even more fun for this event right?! See this summer I have kept my kids outside as much as possible. The pool has become our best friend along with our bikes, swing set and heck the water hose. But I can’t lie there are days with heat rising up into the 111’s and higher, […]

Flying Turtle Giveaway

When we were in Texas the kids couldn’t really ride a lot of things besides, horses, bikes, four wheelers (things that could ride ON DIRT). We lived in the country on 20 acres and the only pavement was the main road to get to our house. Now living in our concrete forest here in Arizona […]

5 WordPress Plugins For Giveaways

Plugins for giveaways when you are using wordpress! Are you using wordpress and are looking for ways to make your giveaways run just a bit smoother? Well here are some plugins I have found and others have found that make the process easier for all.   1. And The Winner Is. Mommy PR actually shared […]

Kraft New & Delicious Giveaway*closed*

*****UPDATE!!!!**** I was informed that these coupons expired 7/31 so to expedite y’all getting your coupons in time we will close this giveaway early on Friday at midnight. All extra entries will now be double their worth!!!! So for the speeding up of it, but we would like to get your winnings to you quickly! […]

Simply Go-Gurt*closed*

If now after two years of reading my constant babble on my blog, you don’t know by now that I love anything – simple. Simplicity is the essence of what my family runs. Simple meals. Simple tasks. Simple routines. With just me and the three kids the just of our days, simplicity makes things go […]

Eco Touch Car Care Kit Giveaway *closed*

I had the wonderful opportunity to review Eco Touch Care Car and now I get to give y’all a chance to win one for yourselves! Aren’t you excited? I am! Eco Touch and I are offering one amazing reader the opportunity to win one of their very own Car Care Kit! (pictured below) Contest Will […]

Seventh Generation Disinfecting Clean Kit

Last year I took very small steps to go green around the house and enjoyed learning about all the products that are available to us consumers to take those steps. One company that I enjoyed learning about and using was Seventh Generation. Seventh Generation loaded me up with green cleaning products and taught me so […]

The 39 Clues Giveaway*closed*

I get to giveaway some pretty awesome stuff today. Let me introduce to you The 39 Clues and what it’s all about. What is The 39 Clues? The 39 Clues is a groundbreaking, multi-media adventure series for children ages 8-12 that spans 10 adrenaline-charged books, hundreds of collectible cards, and an online game that allows […]

Gourmet Gift Baskets Review & Giveaway*closed*

Easter will be here soon. Very soon. And we all like to get cute little baskets from the “Easter Bunny”, even us adults too. Gift baskets are like fun filled packages that can make your day brighter or let someone know you care! sent me a cute little diddy of a basket and I […]

Nook Giveaway*closed*

Now that I have given you the information and given you things to overlook about the Nook, let’s now get you started in winning one! Remember the Nook is jammed packed full of features, options of personalization and customization and has expandable memory for a virtual bookshelf. But I must start you out on a […]