Put Glasses On A Christmas List

I personally don’t need to have an eyeglasses prescription. But then I haven’t been to see an eye doctor since I was a kid when I went through the phase of wanting to wear glasses because everyone else is my glass was. Silly kids right?! Either way I have several members of my family that […]

I Got This

So far from two of my best friends and from my husband. Don’t you wish you were me! The Yankee Stadium Picture and a French Quarter sign. BAD ASS. Up Close shot. Not the best pics, they were taken with my phone. Do you know how excited I am to get my OWN tools? I’m […]

Sodastream Review

In the house of The Greer, we punish our bodies with caffeine non-stop. Brent is the biggest coke drinker in the house. Literally we can go through a 12 pack in two days when he is home. Let’s real quick do the cost of what we would spend monthly on cokes in The Greer 5 […]

Rubbermaid Review

Waste not, want not is what my mother has always taught me. Leftovers can be a hot commodity in our house. Along with fruits, vegetables and many, many other things. We save (wash and store away) all plastic containers in this house. We have one cabinet just for lids to our plastic containers. It’s quite […]

Cuisinart Rice Plus Multi-Cooker Review

If there is one thing you can’t go wrong with when shopping for the cook of the house or Mom’s — it’s with cooking appliance. The right cooking appliance to these type of people is like showing them a shiny, brilliantly cut diamond. It’s perfection. I was give the chance to review a cooking appliance […]