Sweet Farts: Rippin’ It Old School (Book Giveaway)

Kids should read! I encourage my kids to read all the time! And sometimes it’s hard to find the right book for kids (especially boys!) So here is a perfect book giveaway for those boys out there! (Hey and girls too!) Sweet Farts by Raymond Bean became an unexpected bestseller by getting thousands of reluctant […]

WWE Action Figures Review

Believe it orĀ  not when I was a kid I was really into WWE, at that time though it was still WWF and Bret The Hit Man Heart was dreamy. I never thought for a minute my girls would get into it, but I had inkling Dayton would as his Uncles are uber fans. Dayton […]

Nerf Review

Boys will be boys. And my son is spilling out boy. He karate chops, kicks and “hiiiyahhhs” every single invisible whatever he is fighting. Mud and dirt are seeping out his pores. His fingernails and behind his ears are the grossest things on his body. There are days I want to scream when he finds […]