Hoover – A Gift Worth Giving

I recently moved into a new house.  The house we are now living in, has given us one thousand; possibly more, square feet. With the added square footage, while sounding fantastic to most people adds to my cleaning chores. My days are now all consumed with attempting to clean either the downstairs or upstairs and […]

Laptop Accessories Worth Buying

With my netbook, Brent’s netbook and his old laptop – we learned one thing and we learned it fast. Accessories, while you think they may or may not be needed, quite simple put; are. Whether they are for traveling, ease of use or actually being able to fully enjoy all the capabilities of your laptop […]

Netbook Purchase

For the past month or so Brent has had my Lenovo Ideapad with him at work for a couple reasons. 1. His laptop ended up running it’s last lap and he needed something to use.  2. He wanted to test drive my netbook to see if he really wanted a netbook himself. Well the outcome […]

Puzzler World (Nintendo DS) Review

You by know should know that my family or should I say my kids and I have wars over my Nintendo DS. And me, well I am a huge puzzle fan. From crosswords to word search – I am addicted to a puzzle game! Atari has a great game I got to test out (with […]

Would You Rather? Review

There are some games while geared to children (or young adults) become much more funner for adults. Let me introduce you to this little gem. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION & INFORMATION: Zobmondo!! Would You Rather takes the idea of parlor game questions to a new level of debate and lunacy. WOULD YOU RATHER have five bottles stuck […]

Hallmark DVD Greetings Review

Every single holiday we are away from at least one side of our families. Whether it be Brent’s or mine. Or we are away from grandparents. Well Hallmark has the perfect thing for that! Hallmark sent me a DVD Greetings to test out and send to my family! I’ve got it all made and now […]

Lenovo Ideapad S10-2 Review

With Christmas looming, I am hoping you will find some great gift ideas here at The Greer 5. This particular idea is something for him and her. It’s one of those gifts that keep on giving and inspiring us all. I don’t travel a lot and I invested a big chunk of change into my […]

Hickory Farms Review

When I was a kid, I without a doubt remember going with my Mom to the mall at Christmas time. Everything was so much more magical back then as I was not the one worrying about money, no I spent my days wondering what Santa was going to bring me. But Mom went to the […]

Knock Knock Stuff Review

There is two things you must already know about me – I laugh at inappropriate things (well really I laugh at life in general) and I like to have my desk entirely organized. I have notebooks, files, folders etc surrounding my desk sorted out in my own little way. Now let me introduce you to […]

Country Bob’s Review And Giveaway*closed*

When it comes to cooking we all know I have a fat PHAIL stamped onto my forehead. I cook easy meals. Quick meals if you must. But The Greer Five are expert dippers. We dip everything from french fries to meat. Well let me introduce you to the alternative to ketchup and A-1 Sauce. Country […]