My Zombie Mill Ownership Story

The other day, OK it wasn’t just the other day it was a couple weeks ago I tweeted about how my Klout is actually truthful. I have Klout about #Zombies and I at the point was an official #Zombie mill owner. All this stemming from a bunch of different things and ending with a big […]

How to Play iTunes Music Shuffle Game

About a week ago I sent out the following tweet about a game my sister in law/best friend and I like to play with our iPod’s. So today I thought I would teach y’all how to play the best music game ever with your iPod (or any other music player – just easier to explain […]

Imagine Party Planner Nintendo DS

With Brodie getting older and more capable to play games that require a little more skills than some of the other kiddie games, comes the fact that we get to test out newer games. A lot of the times Brodie likes to lay in bed with my DS and play games until she fells asleep. […]

You Gotta Be Kidding Game (Zobmondo) Review

So here is another game that I got to review from Zobmondo. You all know that my family are game addicts! The game is called You Gotta Be Kidding! Does that not sound like fun? PRODUCT DESCRIPTION & INFORMATION: Ages 7 and Older. You Gotta Be Kidding!¬†gets kids and grown-ups thinking, laughing, reasoning, and having […]

The Ladybug Game (Zobmondo) Review

When we lived in Texas, every Friday or Saturday night we had game night. We would either order pizza or make a quick dinner — then spend two or more hours playing games with the kids. (At my mother in laws) We would play games that every kid and even the adults would be able […]

Free Realms Review & Giveaway

Free Realms is a online -FREE – role playing style game. You all know me, I am a gamer. I’ve tried several games, similar to Free Realms, but not as fun. I was super excited to try out a new game and tell everyone what I thought of it. So here is the run down […]