Should I Be Worried

I don’t know if I should be worried or do what I am doing and laughing hysterically.

Blurry Santa

This had to have been Dayton taking this picture. It’s a bad shot and Tristan is the one in the Santa hat!

Twisted Scooby

This is an old picture. I can tell because of the pink trim and green rug. This was in Texas. Plus Scooby exploded and white tiny balls were scattered all over a bedroom. I threw him away immediately. Poor Scooby.

A Pirate Hat

So Saturday night in The Big Easy after experiencing the whole “sloshed on Bourbon St” (which means rain + alcohol both) we headed back to the Prince Conti Hotel. I was sitting on the floor laughing or something (probably fell off the bed I’m sure) and was moving clothes etc around in my bags. Just […]

Stop Kissing His Wife

As we all know now my kids are a trip. They come up with THE craziest things. Dayton’s newest one is when Brent is home. When I ask Dayton for a kiss or when I kiss Dayton, wanna know what he says? Me asking for a kiss: “No tell your husband to kiss you” Me […]

Rockin’ Little Man

A friend posted this on his Facebook and I saw his status. This is the raddest and rockin'(est) little man I have ever seen!