Gourmet Gift Baskets Review & Giveaway*closed*

Easter will be here soon. Very soon. And we all like to get cute little baskets from the “Easter Bunny”, even us adults too. Gift baskets are like fun filled packages that can make your day brighter or let someone know you care! GourmetGiftBaskets.com sent me a cute little diddy of a basket and I […]

Fiber One 90 Calorie Chewy Bars

Who isn’t always in search for a low calorie but yet something that taste’s good, snack? And we all know that most thinking, low calorie, tastes like poop. I know I of course have always thought that! Well thanks to MyBlogSpark and Fiber One, I was able to taste test the Fiber One – 90 […]

General Mills Making Cereal Even Better!

My kids love to eat breakfast in the morning – especially cereal. We have to keep boxes, bags, containers of cereal galore in this house to keep up with their love of cereal. But like most parents don’t you worry about the sugar the taking in with this? Well General Mills is taking Cereal to […]

Nancy’s Appetizers Review & Giveaway*closed*

Looking for some quick and easy meals? Party food that tastes amazing? Nancy’s Appetizers! PRODUCT DESCRIPTION & INFORMATION: A variety pack that includes two of our favorite spirals, Turkey Bacon Ranch, with smoked Turkey, bacon, tomatoes and tender spinach wrapped in herb Lavosh flatbread, layered with a ranch-seasoned creamy Neufchâtel Cheese Spread, and Tomato Provolone, […]

Ultimate Party Meatballs Review

When cooking, I’m always on the hunt for quick and fun meals and recipes. Thanks to Mom Central and the Ultimate Party Meatballs I have found one to drool over. My kids even drooled over it. From Ultimate Party Meatballs: Ultimate Party Meatballs Having friends over to watch a game? Hosting a dinner? With just […]

Kellogg’s Froot Loops and Apple Jacks Blog Tour

So Kellogg’s has come out with new Froot Loops and Apple Jacks. There are only a couple slight differences in the newness of these two products. The boxes. See that circle there at the bottom of the box. That would be Now Provides Fiber. And that is part of the second new change that these […]

Hickory Farms Review

When I was a kid, I without a doubt remember going with my Mom to the mall at Christmas time. Everything was so much more magical back then as I was not the one worrying about money, no I spent my days wondering what Santa was going to bring me. But Mom went to the […]

Country Bob’s Review And Giveaway*closed*

When it comes to cooking we all know I have a fat PHAIL stamped onto my forehead. I cook easy meals. Quick meals if you must. But The Greer Five are expert dippers. We dip everything from french fries to meat. Well let me introduce you to the alternative to ketchup and A-1 Sauce. Country […]

Old El Paso – El Tacodor Review & Giveaway *closed*

The Greer’s are fans of food and fun. MyBlogSpark gave us more reason to be fans of these — with a spark from Old El Paso — El Tacodor. What Is It? It’s easy to play the El Tacodor Dinner Game. All you need are Old El Paso® taco fixings and a FREE game-ready El […]

Tigers Milk Review

With a name like Tigers Milk – I  had to get this review to you before Halloween! What is Tigers Milk? From Schiff Nutriton. What Do I Think? I got to try the Protein Rich and the Peanut Butter flavored bars. If you visit the site, Tigers Milk, you can find all the nutrition facts […]