Taco Bell

If you know anything about me or my sister, well you know we love us some Taco Bell. And it’s almost Christmas so I have a feeling her and I will both be wanting this in our stocking’s this year! ┬áTaco Bell Gift Card promotion, which offers one of the best options for anyone waiting […]

Fiber One 80 Calories Cereal

I have officially lost 20 pounds and I am not done. I have lost it in a short time by eating better, drinking lots of water and doing some seriously heart pounding workouts. And I know most people who are tying to lose weight have the hardest time with changing their eating habits. Here’s the […]

Kellogg’s – Share Your Breakfast

They say statistically, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. When I was a kid and they were saying that, I didn’t buy it. For some reason breakfast made me nauseous. Now, that I’m an adult and older I know a bit better. Yeah, stats aren’t everything, but seriously how can […]

Totino’s & Box Tops For Education

I can only be redundant in saying that I am an advocate for my children and their education. I love learning. I want to learn. I am in college now. I want my kids to love learning, to learn and to attend college when they are older. Now I realize plans can change from now […]

Santa Cruz Organic

I am not an experienced organic eater. At all. I have eaten very few things that are considered organic. I do remember eating fresh hamburger – I mean from a cow fresh on a farm type of thing – when I went to Iowa when I was 16. That was delicious. Just recently the kids […]

Voskos Greek Yogurt

Believe it or not I have never had anything but plain yogurt. NEVER had Greek Yogurt that is for sure. So when I had the chance to review Voskos, I jumped at the chance. We are pretty boring food eaters around here and I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce not only […]

Treat Yourself To Great Food

The kids are in school. I am in school. Life is hectic and busier than normal. We are running, going, studying, cleaning and keeping our heads above water. Sometimes you just need to slow down and enjoy life. Not drown in all the lists of things to do, and quit worrying about the mess. It […]

Kraft New & Delicious Giveaway*closed*

*****UPDATE!!!!**** I was informed that these coupons expired 7/31 so to expedite y’all getting your coupons in time we will close this giveaway early on Friday at midnight. All extra entries will now be double their worth!!!! So for the speeding up of it, but we would like to get your winnings to you quickly! […]

Flat Bread Pizza From Freschetta

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Freschetta. All opinions are 100% mine. In my house we eat A LOT of pizza. That’s just who we are. We enjoy the drippy yummy cheese topped with pepperoni’s. Worst part about our love of pizza, hardly any of us eat the crust. Unless […]

Simply Go-Gurt*closed*

If now after two years of reading my constant babble on my blog, you don’t know by now that I love anything – simple. Simplicity is the essence of what my family runs. Simple meals. Simple tasks. Simple routines. With just me and the three kids the just of our days, simplicity makes things go […]