Keep Fit During The Holidays

There is something I dread every year and it’s the spread of holiday food that will greet my eyes and tempt my taste buds. I’m sure all of you know exactly what I am talking about. And as soon as we give in to temptation what do we do? We watch our waistline expand and […]

Kendall GelThotics

For the past few months I have been working extremely hard to reach my goal weight. I have exercised. I have chosen to eat right. I have done what everyone knows to do when it comes to losing weight.I am on a mission to be the best I can be and I am going to […]

5 Celeb Styles Inspiring My Weight Loss

I am working towards a goal of getting back to the weight I want to be. Not for health and not for other people, but because I enjoyed looking the way I did. Plus I will have to admit, there are super cute styles and trends right now that I want to pull off. Not […]

The Best Workout Playlist

Here is the best playlist to listen to while working out. I use it everyday for my 30 minute workout at home. P.S Had to put this picture in again. Ha! 1. Jason Aldean She’s Country 2. The Unit Theme Song (Robert Duncan) 3. Or if you prefer: Fired Up… Feels Good USMC 4. E.T. […]

30 Minute Heart Pounding, Sweat Dripping, Workout

I walked into a doctor about two weeks ago, in maybe a months time I lost 6 pounds and a full pants size. With doing very little. I started drinking less cokes and super sugar drinks. I decreased my caffeine drastically and took my sodium intake down epically. I also started to drink more, take […]

How To Begin Losing Weight

I am no expert by any means and will not claim that my tips will help you lose weight. The following tips have merely helped in me kick starting my weight loss, feeling healthy and gain the energy to get up and move. It’s the first baby steps to beginning your diet and exercise regimen. […]