Diamond Earrings Make A Great Outfit Accessory

Diamond Earrings Make A Great Outfit Accessory

I do not wear a lot of jewelry. Heck I don’t even wear a wedding ring. That is just one more thing for me to keep track of and more than likely lose. But if there is one thing that I try to wear with each outfit it is earrings. They are probably one of […]

Dandelion Organic Tote Reivew

Dandelion Organic Tote Reivew

I am in college. I am a mom. You know what that means? That I carry everything with me in a purse. Most of the time I’m carrying some ugly sack of a thing I call a purse. And it’s full of EVERYTHING. And I’m talking EVERYTHING. There isn’t anything I don’t carry with me. […]

Thrift Store Shopping Finds

So I took my kids shopping over the weekend. Brodie had told me that she had NO clothes. I am that parent that does not buy for one unless I am going to buy for all. So of course I had to buy all three kids clothes. I decided to just hit up Goodwill and […]

Stylish – Cheap Sunglasses

I am actually not a huge one to wear sunglasses, believe it or not. But if I find the right pair – I will buy them and wear them. Especially here in Arizona there are just times that you NEED glasses. And of course when I am laying out I gotta wear shades! (sing it!) […]

80’s Day At School

The kids have spirit week this week at school. Today is 80’s day. SCORE! So easy for me, but actually had a bit of a problem trying to figure out what to put Dayton in. So we went for the mod 80’s, Boy George type of style with him. My kids totally rocked it and […]

Fashion To Figure Review

Being a curvy woman and trying to find clothes that fit nicely that are still fashionable can be quite a challenge. You want to be able to wear something that is comfortable, that looks good and that is not the most expensive thing in the world! Fashion To Figure approached me about reviewing one of […]

Flattering Jeans

If there is one thing I have learned since having kids is that my cute on the hips low riding jeans are out the door. They were not meant for mom’s no matter how young a mom is. After you have a child your hips just are no longer flattering. And not everyone really wants […]

Threadless T-Shirt Giveaway

If there is one thing simple with my kids and clothing that I can’t go wrong with – it’s a simple tee. Throw it on with a pair of jeans, a skirt or shorts and they are good to go. Today I am giving you a chance to win a tee of your choice from […]

Father’s Day Finds with TJ Maxx & Marshalls

Brent isn’t going to be home on Father’s Day so he got to do the most of the shopping today without having to unwrap a gift etc. Lucky him right? I actually was pretty excited because I know the very basics of what Brent usually wants. Of course I always get the response, buy gift […]

Laptop Accessories Worth Buying

With my netbook, Brent’s netbook and his old laptop – we learned one thing and we learned it fast. Accessories, while you think they may or may not be needed, quite simple put; are. Whether they are for traveling, ease of use or actually being able to fully enjoy all the capabilities of your laptop […]