Clothes for the 4th of July

Clothes for the 4th of July With Independence Day literally days away I figured I had a few more things to post to make the holiday festive from decorations to clothing! I am not one in particular who coordinates outfits with my family for the holiday’s BUT when it comes to the 4th of July […]

Ice My Style

In plenty of my previous posts regarding fashion and jewelry I have explained that; one I am not the best fashion minded and two jewelry isn’t always my thing. I don’t wear a lot of earrings because then I catch myself playing with them. And that is distracting and a horrible habit. I will wear […]

Sneak Peek At My Christmas List

My Christmas list this year isn’t going to be as long as one might thing. Of course I want all things hair, makeup and beauty related. But with what I gain at school and already have – well I have to be a bit more logical. This year has been a good year for me […]

Beauty In Special Occasions

My best friend and I are what you would call addicts when it comes to the world of fashion and beauty. We admire high quality, creativity and finding out that even normal days can be turned into special occasions. When it comes to those special occasions (from Weddings to Glamorous Road Trips) – there are […]

Women’s Boots

I am just a few days away from already being a full month into school. What may seem like very little time, is actually huge. With this realization, it puts me right at having ten months left. Just ten. One month down and ten to go. It’s already flying by and my brain is overwhelmed […]

Something About Silver

I have to share a little secret about me – I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. I am obviously fanatical about hair, makeup and all things beauty but when it comes to anything fashion (accessories included)  I’m a bit on the “eek that girl is a hot mess” side.  Add the fact that I’m […]

Be Beautiful At Prom

Believe it or not when I was in High School I didn’t attend prom. I know, gasp! But I attended homecoming and morp or often called Sadie Hawkins. The best part about prom and homecoming is the chance to search through Formal dresses and find the perfect one for you. Well another great part of […]

Red Hot Heels

I haven’t updated on my obsession with red lately and I absolutely had to finally do it, considering I made a fantastic little collage of red heels I am dying over. I covered the red hair and makeup.  And the red clothing I love. And I’m sure on all my quests to find inspiration and […]

Denizen Jeans – From Levi’s

I love jeans. LOVE them. But I am picky about jeans. I have to wear a fit that isn’t just flattering to my shape, but that I am comfortable in. I get that all of you are shaking your head going, yeah well me too. But I’m Brittany. I’m a bit of a special girl. […]

Beauty Style To Match Fashion Style: Part One

The ever so lovely and inspiring Danielle Hayes is doing a series on Fall Fashion Trends {What To Wear This Fall} and a light bulb went off. She is going to be bringing you her expert opinion on trends and style in Fashion all year long, but you just might be left wondering, how you […]