We Are That Family

Yes, we are that family. That does everything backwards, early and in total opposite order. But always with good reason. This past weekend we celebrated our Thanksgiving. Brent, his step-dad and all his brothers won’t be home for actually Turkey Day. Nope. They will be and are headed back as I type, to work. So […]

For Sale

I have for sale 4 items. For extremely cheap. If you want them that badly or convince me enough you want them that bad, I will just give them to you. No joke. See last night was kind of a free for all in my house. I made a huge pot of Chicken ‘N Dumplings. […]

Twas The Night Before

It was the day before the big day. Television’s were blaring in every room of the house, music blaring on the computer in the master bedroom, kids running around screaming wildly, Mommy in the kitchen attempting to make a corn dog dinner, that would surely render responses of ‘gross‘. The living room wasn’t vacuumed. The […]

Letters To Invisible People

When I was a kid, I wrote a letter to every single person or “made” up person. Santa. Tooth Fairy. Easter Bunny. Etc, etc, etc. I wonder if my Mom has all those letters. I am sure they would be quite comical to read. I poured my heart and soul into those letters. Asking Santa […]

Just A Saturday

We had another soccer game today. It went well for the most part, but I must admit that we got one heck of a coach this year. She is very patient with all the little ones. And we all have come together as parents to help each other out, it’s really very nice! Dayton has […]

Oops…I forgot?!

With all the lovely (read: lots of bad curse words) heat we’ve gotten this summer I think I have forgotten what cold was. This morning I decided to let Brodie sleep in once again. I’ve figured out that 6 a.m is way too early for her to get up and I’d rather take her to […]

Not Gone..Not Here and A Story!

I’m here. I promise. My most favorite-est person came to see us. My mom!!! And we had a great time. Even went to the lake and of course got TOO MUCH sun!! Crispy Crispy. I didn’t take pictures. But my Mom has some. I’ll have to get ’em from her. So much to catch up […]

When Little Boys Say Big Boy Words

When Little Boys Say Big Boy Words

Dear Mini Miner Dayton – The Soon To Be Five Year Old, I know us girls are very overwhelming. I can feel your frustration level when the girls start dressing up, playing make-up and convincing you to play “Marry The Princess” with them. I, being your Mommy, can understand that that can get old FAST. […]

How Do Power Rangers Stand

How Do Power Rangers Stand

Dayton informed me of 3 things. 1. The puppy (Charlotte) wants to bite his whacker off. 2. He’s dressed and ready to go. 3. This is how to do the Power Rangers Stance:  

Girls Day

So today was the day to take Ms. Brodie to the Doctor’s office. My MIL had to head that way to so we just all rode together. At the Doc’s Brodie got an all clear and everything is on the up and up. We only go back if she gets sick, otherwise we have a […]