Like Son Like Father?

Yeah, you think I have it backwards, but in all reality I don’t this is why Dayton “fell” off his bike and was slowly dying He died. Poor little fella. It was such a LONG fall. Apparently Daddy fell off the same bike. And died too.

The In-Laws

True to form they WILL read this. They are fans on my Facebook page and they do read my blog so I know they will read this one. But as a side note to them, don’t worry it’s not bad! Ha! But about eleven years ago I was thrust into the Greer Family. But it […]

A Voice

I’ve said before, when I started blogging – it was meant to keep a journal of sorts, about our family. It was an outlet for me to “write”. I was just little me, with a tiny voice. A voice about the kids, what was happening in our lives etc. Then I found other blogs. With […]

I can’t make them, but I can hope

So tonight, I was watching my show’s, the usual sappy chick shows. And then the Michael J. Fox special came on. The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist. I had to sit and watch it. I grew up with Back To The Future and such. But one particular segment of the show screamed my name. Michael […]

Portrait of Perfection

As a child did you ever have those moments, when angered by your sister, brother, Mom or Dad, when you wished for a new family? I know it sounds ridiculous. But I remember times when I was in trouble were I envisioned my life differently, so that I could be doing what I wanted to […]


They same home is where the heart is. True that. True that. I could basically and have lived anywhere with Brent and the kids and be happy. No doubt about that. Happiness lies within our family. Of course there is always outside factors that A.) Sweeten the deal or B.) Make it worse. I love […]

Wordful Wednesday #2

I posted this picture awhile back ago, of Brent. But I think Brent needs some attention via the blog. He will find that to be very humorous. This is of Sir Brently at work in Alaska. That beautiful, if you ask Brent to describe it, (I call it a bunch of metal, but I’m a […]

First – Wordful Wednesday

I’ve seen this and must get in on the action. Wordful Wednesday. I can’t keep my mouth shut so I’m going to do Wordful! This is me and my brother in law, Brandon. Him and I get along pretty darn well and are pretty close! It’s a good picture, from New Year’s Eve! Now off […]

Round 2

My mom will pull into my driveway any minute now. Her car loaded with presents for the kids. Sigh. But that is what Grandma’s are for. Spoiling the kids and leaving the parents to their own vices with little sanity. My mom is making the long trek from Arizona to here. I spent the better […]

Day(s) After

Is it over yet? We The Greer’s, as I have said before, do things backward, heck even opposite of most. It’s basically our trademark in life. Brent made it home on Christmas Eve, but barely, and we were NOT prepared for Christmas. I had some presents wrapped, but since Dayton took it upon himself to, […]