What Is The Dating Age

What Is The Dating Age

When I was younger the rules were simple, I couldn’t date until I was 16. Being a kid I knew how to skirt the rules, find loop holes and generally disobey my parents. That is our job as children right?! To give our parents gray hair prematurely. When I had my kids I figured the […]


Today I am going to cry a little. Today will be a bittersweet day. Today is going to be a big and new change. Today is a day Brent and I have waited for, for 10 years. Today starts the first day of school for not 1, not 2, but 3 kids. Today three kids […]

Mr. Safety

I have gotten to be more of  a worrier than usual. Maybe because the kids are getting older and I realize they will less out of my sight and control. Friends. School. You get it?! Brent has always been the worry wart. When Brodie was a baby he refused to ever let her crib be […]

These Ties That Bind

I hope against hope every single day that I am doing the best, the very best, at raising my kids to be productive, self sufficient, caring and selfless citizens of the world. I am sure along the way  am going to screw something up and I am sure I have screwed something up already. All […]

My Small Town Southern Man

This song. Just this song reminds me of my father in law. I guess you would have to know him to get it maybe. But it just does.

It Never Gets Easy

Brent leaving. Never. And for the past 5 years exactly now we have been doing this. Six weeks, sometimes more gone – home if we are lucky for longer than 2 weeks. This time he was able to stay home for longer because I had work done on my mouth. But as I said – […]

Favorite Lord Of The Rings Character

Brent made is which means my time is always limited online as I feel like a hurricane or the likes has blown through. My house is chaotic. Dirty. Kids hyped up. Brent hyped up. Then of course my body has impeccable timing. I come down with a toothache which is good now.   Either way one […]

Children’s Museum in Tucson, Arizona

When I was my oldest daughters age I went to a hands on museum catered to kids’ and my favorite part was the grocery store exhibit. You could play cashier, pick out all the fruits and vegetables, throw in in the basket and “check out”. It was a lot of fun and at that age […]

He Loves His Kids

While we do sacrifice as a family with Brent working in Alaska, one of the perks is him coming home for two weeks and we get a family two week vacation. Yes I still have to cook, clean etc but the weight of doing this alone is gone and I am able to actually relax […]

Crash Into Me

When you grow up you are told by your parents, siblings, friends, grandparents – relatives in general, “I love you”. And you respond. While you are young, very young I feel you respond out of obligation. Not understanding that the purest of emotion you are feeling at that tiny age in your tiny heart is […]