Settled In Monday

Settled In Monday

It’s Monday…the 21st and 10 days after arriving in Alaska…we are officially settled. Settled in on Monday morning. Last week the two youngest kids were able to enroll and get off to school quite easily and rather quickly. But Brodie on the other hand, hung out with me all week until we could get her […]

The Great Adventure

The Great Adventure

It was a fairly beautiful late spring day in Arizona and I was in a horrendous mood. A mood that had thus far seemed to match my year. Frustrating. Full of anxiety. Annoyed. Confused. Needing…I was needing something I couldn’t pinpoint.   So I hopped in my car with kids in tow and drove. I […]

Alamo Rent A Car #GetToKnowAlamo

Alamo Rent A Car #GetToKnowAlamo

So it’s almost February, here in the state of Arizona that means that it’s almost Spring, Spring Break and WARMER weather. Hallelujah! There is nothing else this lady loves than some sun and spring break! OK I don’t exactly look forward to the kids terrorizing me for two solid weeks with their “boredom” but nonetheless […]

How To Begin Saving Money As A Family In Arizona

Are you looking for ways to begin saving money as family while living in Arizona? Well let me help you. It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small family. And I am not an expert, I am just a mother of 4, leading a family of 6. I just graduated from school and […]

Love A Little Stronger

I moved to the south when I was the very ripe age of seventeen. I packed my car, latched my newborn into her car seat, kissed my family goodbye and with my future husband hit the road of unknown. My husband was born and raised in Texas. He was already armed with the knowledge of […]

The Importance of Manners

I thought of titling this post as, The Importance of Manners in the South, but that wouldn’t be as broad as I wanted it to be. Right now my family are residing in the Southwest, which I wouldn’t even put in the same category as the South considering the vast difference in cultural and societal […]

Gathering Around The Kitchen

In my family there seems to be a trend around where we gather – the kitchen. Have you ever taken notice to where your family gathers? I decided to actually pay even more attention to this particular trend and take a trip into my memory for even more understanding. When my family and I lived […]

Just some kids

Just a picture of some kids I like. No big deal.  

Daddy Daughter Moments

There are few moments that I have to butt out of my kids’ lives and just let them be. These moments have absolutely nothing to do with me. Tonight, just about ten minutes ago Tristan had this moment with her Dad. I stepped in long enough just to take the pictures. My little blonde hair […]

The One With Six Kids

So right before Christmas we went over to my grandparents for the traditional “decorate the G-Parents Xmas tree” thing that my nephew initiated. We ate finger food. Kids played. Tree got decorated. You know typical family stuff. Well my sister asked if my nephew could hang with me for the week while he was out […]