Kroger & Box Tops For Education

Kroger and General Mills teaming up with MyBlogSpark sent out a spark worthy of it all. I received a $25 Gift Card to Kroger Family Of Stores, which in my neck of the woods is Fry’s. The kids have been receiving sheets of paper from school that we cut and glue the box tops to […]


Have you heard about the new site Brain Fuel? Thanks to Mom Central I got to check it out and what it has to offer. Brain Fuel is a site offering resources for Mom’s and Kids alike on matters of the brain! It has a forum offering tips, tricks, ideas and recipes on everything you […]

Back To School – List & Organization

When I was on the Back To School segment, on the local news here in Arizona – I had the great honor of meeting Milissa. Milissa has a list to help her with keeping organized and her kids organized when it comes to getting back into the swing of things at Back To School time. […]

Arizona Schools

I had told myself that I was never going to get political on my blog. There is that old adage, ‘…like assholes and everyone has them’, I like to use that with thoughts on politics and most controversial topics. Everyone has their differing opinion. Whether it be politics, religion, lifestyle etc. Nobody is wrong. Nobody […]

Shidonni Review & Giveaway

I was really excited when I was asked to review Shidonni. Now that Brodie is 8 and really getting into the computer, Brent and I are very, very weary of websites she visits. She has for the most part stuck to safe and educational websites, but one wrong click and my 8 year old might […]

Goosie Cards – Review

I was given the wonderful opportunity of reviewing Goosie Cards and I could not be more excited! Let me go ahead and give you some information all about Goosie Cards before I give you my review on it! (Taken from their website Goosie Cards® Goosie Cards are the first and only custom flash cards […]