“Make Back to School a Snap!” with Fantastic Sams & Snapfish‏

One great perk about being a Fantastic Sams”atic” is being able to share with you some great contests and fun things. Like this one I sharing with you today. Fantastic Sams and Snapfish have teamed up for a photo contest where parents can submit a favorite photo and caption of their child’s favorite first day […]

Paper Mate Biodegradable Review

A good pen or pencil is close to heaven in my house. I can’t tell you how many pens and pencils I buy weekly to keep up with my kids constantly stealing them or losing them. I actually had a couple great pens but left them in my purse in the car with a orange […]

Box Tops With Safeway (Giveaway)

We all know I am a huge advocate for education, especially here in Arizona. The kids at the beginning of the year always get a sheet of paper that they get to collect box tops and glue them on to these papers. Then when it is filled up they turn them in. I always enjoy […]

Constructive Playthings Microscope Set Review & Giveaway

As you already know I am a Constructive Playthings Mom Blogger. One of the biggest perks about this is learning about the products and being able to share them with you! On top of that I am a stickler when it comes to education and love encouraging my kids through creative ways (i.e. toys, books […]

BooksFreeSwap.com – Get your book on!

I start school in just a couple weeks. Yes only a couple weeks and then I will be immersed in collegiate stuff that I am sure at time will bore me to tears. At other times I’m sure I am going to be absolutely enthusiastic about it! I got an email the other day about […]

Label Daddy – School Pack Label Review

Tristan is now a big Kindergartner. With that, comes a long list of supplies and other items she has to take to school. Pencils, crayons, markers, backpack, extra set of clothes, water bottle and more. Which means most of these items need to be labeled with her name so they aren’t misplaced etc. Thanks to […]

Don’t Forget – U in Uniform!

Remember my post about the French Toast U in Uniform? Well go ahead and click on over to read otherwise let me get you the run down to remind you! You have until September 15, 2010 to enter…read on: French Toast is looking for the best example of “U” in your uniform. Do “U” play […]

Show The U in your Uniform!

We all have kids in school right (or at least the most of us do!) and some of our kids are required to wear a uniform to school daily. Well French Toast (a leading brand of school uniforms – will give you some information about them in just a minute!) is holding a contest – […]

College Student Needs

You think it’s a want and in some way they are but honestly, going back to school – college – isn’t the easiest thing. So I came up with a list of things a college student will need to make their days in school much, much more easier! Apple iPad I played around with one […]

Arizona Budget #FAIL

This morning I got up, was helping the kids get ready for school and sat down with my trusty cup of coffee and turned on the news. And surprise surprise what was it about — Statewide Teacher Layoffs RESUME. Oh yes, more layoffs for you got it…our children educators. I wrote a little bit about […]