Quick and Easy Beans with Cornbread

When I was growing up beans and cornbread was a common meal, along with others, but I remember it the most. Then I remember getting older and the meal was DISGUSTING. I didn’t want to smell it or pretend to eat it.  Of course time goes by and I become a parent and marry into […]

Easy Penne Pasta Bake

I have been on the lookout for some easy recipes that are delicious and can feed more then just me. Well I ended up just trying out a creation I made in my mind with what I had lying around my kitchen. Anyway, so I came up with the this penne pasta bake. Print Easy […]

Southwest Style Nachos

Yum, Yum! We all love some nachos! Well here is my homemade southwestern style nachos recipe. It’s a huge hit with my entire family. Print Southwest Style Nachos Author: The Miner’s Wife Recipe type: Dinner   Delicious and very easy recipe for making nachos with a southwestern (Arizona) spin. Ingredients 1-2 pounds of hamburger meat 1 can […]

Easy Southern Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken and Dumplings are another staple meal in the south. It’s one of those meals that is normally easy to make, great for any occasion and can feed a ton of people. Unfortunately some look at this meal as quite a daunting task because most southerns make their dumplings from scratch. Well I’m a busy […]

Southern Style Chicken & Rice

Chicken and rice is a staple in my house and if you have ever lived in the south, you know it’s a common meal down there. It’s extremely simple to make and cheap. Plus chicken and rice goes a long way and/or can feed a lot of people. So here is my southern style chicken […]

Baked Ranch Chicken And Rice

Simple, tasty and easy recipes are the name of my game. I like to prepare meals that take little to no preparation and obviously still taste good. I know that a microwaved meal is the easiest, but I also know nutrition is also important. So I came up with this recipe (though I’m sure someone […]

Easy Chicken Shish Kabobs

A perfect recipe for those hot summer days or even 4th of July! Vault Recipe From Old Blog!   Print Easy Chicken Shish Kabobs Author: The Miner’s Wife Recipe type: Dinner   Easy and delicious shish kabob recipe for grilling. Ingredients 1-2 lbs of Chicken Breast (You can use any meat you like and however much you […]

Southern Chicken Fried Steak Dinner

Southern Chicken Fried Steak Dinner

I realize if you came here lookin’ for a Southern Chicken Fried Steak recipe, you were probably lookin’ for somethin’ easy to create. The truth of the matter when it comes to those livin’ the country and/or southern life, we really don’t have the time to cook like Paula Deen or the likes. Usually we […]

Pork Chop Pie Recipe

Print Pork Chop Pie Recipe Recipe type: Dinner   A tasty pork chop recipe. Ingredients 1 egg. 2 cups breadcrumbs. ⅓ cup skim milk 1 cup cooked whole grain rice ⅓ cup shredded carrots ⅓ cup bell peppers (green, red) salt & pepper Instructions I put salt and pepper on the pork chops and put them […]

Sloppy Joes Recipe

Print Sloppy Joes Recipe Recipe type: Dinner   Quick and easy meals that is best served with salad, corn and maybe a potato of sorts. Ingredients Hamburger Meat 1 can chicken gumbo soup 2-3 packets of mild taco bell sauce (yes from taco bell for free lol) Hamburger buns Instructions Cook up hamburger meat and drain […]