Creative Writing 5/10

So last week I told y’all that I was going to mix up the creative writing. Giving you the option to write more freely with whatever prompt I come up with. So that is where we are at. This week’s prompt: Write a story around this picture or what you think about when you see […]

Being A Difference

It’s funny because when I picked the creative writing quote (prompt) I had a specific event in my mind that related to it. I thought it would be perfect to blog about. But then I walked away from the computer. I made myself a cup of joe and cleaned my kitchen. And it hit me […]

Creative Writing Mix Up

It’s been awhile again since I have done a creative writing post and to be quite frank I am losing my bursts of enthusiasm for the prompts. So to mix it up I am going to seek out better prompts that don’t require a huge thought process but rather allow for the creativity to flow. […]

Creative Writing – It’s spring so I can’t

I’m early this week for the Creative Writing post. It’s some kind of miracle. And last week we were supposed to make an excuse as to why we aren’t working. Fairly simple considering all the things we can come up with huh? Well let’s get the show on the road and I’ll give you mine […]

Creative Writing – Make An Excuse

Last week I went ahead and gave two creative writing topics and posted about them. Of course I didn’t bother to think about giving y’all another topic to write about this week. Or really any directions. So you can write on either of those topics or use the one I will give you now! Either […]

Creative Writing – High School

So just a few seconds ago I hit publish on my Creative Writing post informing you of my super awesome magic skills of slacking. And of course promised you a new post today, another prompt due by Tuesday. Which, I’ll type and save to draft over the weekend so my magic slacker skills will be […]

Creative Writing – 12 Bad Ones

Somewhere between moving, school and attempting to become a millionaire I forgot about the idea I concocted last fall or summer or whatever. My creative writing one here. The one thing I still actually enjoy about my blog and surely don’t want to let die. So I guess I’ll play catch up on a Friday […]

Creative Writing – Entertain Yourself

Last week I wrote about My Perfect World and gave the prompt: “Write about 5 things you would do to entertain yourself if you didn’t see a single person (including kids!) for 7 days”. And if you know me, my mind wandered to the side of dirty but was quickly corrected. As a Mom and […]

Creative Writing – The Perfect World

Last week I gave you the creative writing prompt – “What is your Perfect World?”. Of course how could I go on to next week’s topic without giving you my perfect world! And for more information about creative writing – visit Creative Writing. Also be sure to visit the other links and read about their […]

New Year – New Creative Writing

I have been MIA for a very long time. Very long. Maybe most of you haven’t noticed because I had so many blog posts scheduled. Either way. Here we go let’s get on this creative writing stuff. I have missed it dearly and my enlarged head and tiny brain are swirling with ideas. So this […]