Family Holiday Fun (Guest Post)

Terri O from Super Simple Living provided this amazing article for you to check out for some great family fun! When it comes to a super simple 4th the first thing to think about is what to wear! You have to be festive and fun, while you show off your patriotic colors! Pick up an […]

Rock Crafts For Kids

My kids love rocks. It’s some weird obsession they have. They will search high and low for the best rocks on the planet to stash as “collectibles”. Weird I know. But they often find the BEST flat rocks and what do you do with flat rocks? Rock Crafts. Paint them of course. You can turn […]

Kids School Paper Fun

A Kids School Paper Fun Craft! We are not far from the end of the school year and if the papers aren’t piling up for you – you must be on top of your game! But with now two kids in school the papers pile up and the pile up quickly. I am fairly sentimental […]

Pine Cone Craft

A simple and super easy pine cone craft for kids!   This is a fun craft to do with the kids and another way to get outside. Gather Pine Cones. You can spray paint them or leave them plain. If you leave them plain you will need to cover them in oil of some sort […]

Fall Craft

A super fun festive fall craft you can do with your kids. I haven’t brought y’all any of my tips and tricks lately. This particular one can be done by yourself or with the kids. Since it’s fall also – perfect timing. Head outside. Take the kids or do it yourself. (Like I said either […]

Trash into Treasures

Image by Meer via Flickr Fun things you can do to turn trash into treasures! Kids. With them comes junk. Junk that you wonder ‘How in the world did we end up with that’  or ‘Why in the world am I keeping this’. Right? Books that the kids use for more than reading. Birthday gift […]

You Can Make This Giveaway

Like I said before, coming up with ideas for Tristan’s birthday was difficult. I was approached a couple weeks beforehand about You Can Make This and a light bulb went off! I could make something crafty for her. She’s four so we still have awhile before the expensive gifts come into play. So let me […]