Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Printable Christmas Gift Tags This Christmas we are trying to stick to making crafts and/or the kids being involved in most of the process of gift buying and giving. We are doing an advent that is based around the bible. Baking items to give our neighbors. And making crafts for gifts. There are things every […]

Big List of Hair Bow Tutorials

Big List of Hair Bow Tutorials I have known for a little over a month that the kids were going to be in the 4th of July parade and I was under the assumption that since uniforms don’t come in until practice – that they would be wearing their shirts (bows for cheer) from camp […]

5 Valentines Day Kid Crafts

5 Valentines Day Kid Crafts

We are just days away from Valentines Day. Which means the kids are bringing home permission slips for the class parties and wanting to have cards to take to school. So how about we save money and do some crafts ourselves?! Here is a list of 5 Valentines Day Kid Crafts to solve this problem!! […]

Halloween Kid Crafts

Halloween Kid Crafts

It’s almost Halloween. Again. it’s exciting right? Either way, tomorrow (Tuesday) I also have to do a public speaking presentation at school and our topic is how to. No I’m not doing a how to on Halloween Kid Crafts, but I thought the email I got about them was fitting and timely. So I thought […]

Alice In Wonderland Birthday Invitations

I made Alice in Wonderland Birthday Invitations at home. Here is why and how: Tristan’s birthday was actually a couple months back but my intention was to blog about this sooner. Once again I had to create the birthday party from scratch just like I did with the others. Tristan was blessed with a really […]

Feeling Crafty

So what do you do when you are feeling a wee bit crafty and taking a hiatus from blogging? Well I will show you what I did: I made some pillows. Then I: Got crafty and organizational with some mason jars for the girls’ hair stuff.

Birthday Invitations For Girls

While I was on my hiatus I threw to huge birthday parties. OK not exactly huge, but big enough. And I did all the planning, cooking, decorating etc myself. See, I did more than just focus on finances! But regardless, the two birthday parties I threw were for Dayton and Brodie. I was going to […]

Create Trick ‘r Treat Bags

A fun way to create Halloween bags for Trick ‘r Treating. Yesterday I gave you some costume ideas for on the cheap and with things at home. Here are a couple ideas for trick ‘r treating bags. We used pillow cases at home and you can still use those but sometimes you want to just […]

Create Your Own Pop-Up Books Kit

My kids have a love of creating things. I have totes after totes of craft things, colors, glue, scissors and more for them to make whatever they want to make. I try to control when they do this as usually it becomes a fight at some point but also a HUGE mess. And since they […]

How To Dress Up Kids Furniture Cheaply

I got bored the other day and decided to get in touch with my very small inner crafter. Tristan has this black armoire that matches her desk and bed. While those are the ONLY three black pieces of furniture in her room it all actually goes nicely. Most of her room though is pinks, yellows, […]