Sweaters For Fall

I would like to say that it is that beautiful fall weather we are dying for here in Arizona but it’s not. It’s still triple digit heat and fall still seems so far away. I miss seasons. Ha! One of the best things about fall besides the aromas, the leaves changing, the cooler weather and […]

Fashion To Figure Review

Being a curvy woman and trying to find clothes that fit nicely that are still fashionable can be quite a challenge. You want to be able to wear something that is comfortable, that looks good and that is not the most expensive thing in the world! Fashion To Figure approached me about reviewing one of […]

Flattering Jeans

If there is one thing I have learned since having kids is that my cute on the hips low riding jeans are out the door. They were not meant for mom’s no matter how young a mom is. After you have a child your hips just are no longer flattering. And not everyone really wants […]

Father’s Day Finds with TJ Maxx & Marshalls

Brent isn’t going to be home on Father’s Day so he got to do the most of the shopping today without having to unwrap a gift etc. Lucky him right? I actually was pretty excited because I know the very basics of what Brent usually wants. Of course I always get the response, buy gift […]

Tutu and Pettiskirt Mission

So like I said I’m on a mission to get my girl all girly. And try to find some super cute tutu’s and pettiskirt’s for her to wear to school. I’ve found leggings easily and my next on the mission is to find her some shoes she can wear with them and to school. I […]

PeaceLoveMom T-Shirt Review

Are you having fun yet? I am! The reviews and giveaways in the name of a makeover are great! Today I bring you PeaceLoveMom. I approached PeaceLoveMom also to join in the makeover blog party. What Mom doesn’t love a comfy new shirt? PeaceLoveMom let me try out this shirt: Isn’t it adorable? Product Description: […]

Layers Clothing Review

See I haven’t disappeared forever. I am here now bringing you my review for Layers Clothing. I have been in the market for a bathing suit since I had kids. I wanted a suit that I was bulging out of, showing way too much skin etc. I’ve had kids, my body shows it. So I […]