Hoover – A Gift Worth Giving

I recently moved into a new house.  The house we are now living in, has given us one thousand; possibly more, square feet. With the added square footage, while sounding fantastic to most people adds to my cleaning chores. My days are now all consumed with attempting to clean either the downstairs or upstairs and […]

Deep Cleaning – Organization

Part of my routine when it comes to deep cleaning my house is organization. There is something very satisfying I feel when I get things put back in the spot they belong or when I find the right home for everything. If you read my Organizing A Blog post, you know I am about even […]

Smelly Washer Review

Part of my deep cleaning process is cleaning the laundry room too. Which includes getting my washing machine clean and getting my towels etc to smell fresh! Yes, yes I am anal. But with the kids being in school I actually have the time to do the things I have been dying to do for […]

My Summer Wish

Summer is over for us. Sadly. Or not. I actually enjoy the summer because I get to spend so much time with my kids. But after 6 weeks, I am ready for the kids to be in school and to have my house back. Especially this year since all 3 kids are in school. I […]

Rubbermaid Reveal Review & Giveaway

As I have said before I have very little tile in my house but enough that most typical mops aren’t the best to use. I like to keep a mop in the front part of the house and the back part of the house. That way I am not running back and forth just to […]

O-Cedar ProMistâ„¢ Wet or Dry Floor Cleaning System Review

In our old house in Texas we had a TON of tile. Basically the whole house was tile and keeping it clean was my biggest challenge. Now obviously my biggest challenge is carpet, but I still have tile in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and right by the front door. It’s not a lot of […]