Christmas Songs

This would be my Top 20 Christmas Songs! (Don’t forget to check out Kim @ Mentally Inked for Music Monday!) There are quite a few that I couldn’t get or find and it’s hard to chose with all the great Christmas Songs out there. I remember as a kid my Mom putting on Christmas songs […]

Oh Christmas Tree!

This is our Christmas Tree this year. It’s not quite finished, the kids have already stolen ornaments off it and it’s leaning…which I’m not sure why. Thankfully Brent will be home soon to take all corrective action on the mishaps with the tree. And hopefully the angel doesn’t fall off. Good news is, it’s still […]

Hallmark DVD Greetings Review

Every single holiday we are away from at least one side of our families. Whether it be Brent’s or mine. Or we are away from grandparents. Well Hallmark has the perfect thing for that! Hallmark sent me a DVD Greetings to test out and send to my family! I’ve got it all made and now […]

A Christmas Story

It has become a tradition in our house that Brent’s brother, Brandon and his girlfriend (my best friend) Annamarie come over for Christmas. Christmas Eve they come over and help wrap gifts, put together the Santa gifts and more. (They don’t have kids yet) Well Anna and I started a thing that we do every […]