Sneak Peek At My Christmas List

My Christmas list this year isn’t going to be as long as one might thing. Of course I want all things hair, makeup and beauty related. But with what I gain at school and already have – well I have to be a bit more logical. This year has been a good year for me […]

Even More Christmas Beauty Goodies

Soon the stockings will be hung, the Christmas lights will be twinkling, Jack Frost will be nipping at our nose (already is for some of you) and we all want to make this season bright. I strive not to let you done and bring you all things beauty before the Holiday season hits and we […]

Hair Care Gift Ideas

I know that we literally just started November, but that just means that it’s now time to start shopping for Christmas. And I am going to bombard you with hair, makeup and all things beauty related  — gift ideas. I’ve already gave you a great list of stocking stuffer’s under $30 and even some great […]

Beauty Stocking Stuffers Under $30

Oh yes, Christmas is just right around the corner. And there is absolutely nothing better then to wake up to a stocking filled with delicious beauty products. And I fully support stuffing your own stocking with magical and beautiful goodies. But maybe you are looking stuff for your wife, mother, friend or daughter. Well look […]

Handmade Christmas Beauty Products

As I spend most of my days on the look out for beauty products that I must have and ones I must share with you (OK I guess I do other things too) – I come across some of the most magnificent things to share. I really wanted to make a point when it comes […]

Christmas Nail Polish

As I have said I am on the hunt for all things beauty for the upcoming Holiday season. And I won’t stop until I bring the greatest products that I can find that will make your Christmas merry and bright. One of the things I love to see is a themed or styled complete look […]

Holiday Makeup

I really hope you didn’t think that Christmas here at SB was going to be any different then Halloween. We are beauty lovers here, c’mon we gotta all share in the love and inspiration from each holiday. And as I mentioned before the different colors are what makes up the fun in makeup and beauty. […]

Christmas Beauty Products

One of the best things about any Holiday (as you noted with my Halloween posts) are the changing of colors, scents and the limited time collections of beauty products. During the fall months most stores (including places like Starbucks) offer those timeless and popular things like Pumpkin Spice and you see orange everywhere. With Halloween […]

Homemade Christmas Candles

With Halloween only a couple weeks away it means two things: Thanksgiving then Christmas. It seems as though this time of the year seems to go flying by and with a blink of the eye we are toasting champagne and waving goodbye to yet another year. And if you have gone into most major retailers […]

Christmas Presents

I figured I would have been on top of this keeping up with how Christmas and everything went. Nope. Sorry. I suck. I have so many posts I need to get out, but I am falling behind. Christmas was amazing. Brent and I wanted Christmas, just one, with ourselves. Every year we travel here, we […]