Cut & Wax-A-Thon benefiting Phoenix Children’s Hospital

I just wanted to share this information for those that are local to the state of Arizona and/or Phoenix Metropolitan area! Cut & Wax-A-Thon benefiting Phoenix Children’s Hospital is Thursday 12/8. Come in between 10:00am and 12:00 for $5 Haircuts and $5 Facial Waxing at Kohler Academy. (My school) Be sure to connect with Kohler […]

Take Part With Brodie

Saturday morning my kids as normal were watching the National Geographic and Animal Planet Channel. That is just what they have become to love recently, especially Dayton. Well Dayton had seen a movie preview for The Cove. The movie started at 6 pm our time so I told them I would DVR it. Well on […]

Better Basket Blog Hop

Hershey’s has teamed up with the Children’s Miracle Network for over 20 years and this year are doing something extraordinary and are giving back. The AMAZING Melissa has given me a virtual Easter Basket and now it’s my turn to give one, give you information and spread the word and kindness. Information: Hershey has partnered […]

Hana CEO Extending Offer

Just a week or so ago I blogged about the CEO of Hana Helping With Haiti. Well he has generously extended the offer until February  10th, 2010. The CEO had written a letter to let us know how he was helping to contribute: (a brief synopsis of the letter) For each Hana appliance bought, the […]

CEO Of Hana Helping With Haiti

Misikko and Hana are teaming up to do good things: Haiti is in need right now… here at Misikko we are trying to give back! We have been contacted by the CEO of Hana Salon, Steve Voudouris who is helping us achieve this goal. For every Hana that is purchased between 1/20-2/3, he will personally […]

Help Baby Star Donate To Haiti!

baby star will donate 10% of january sales to help us help the devastated people of haiti and please join us in supporting mercy corps emergency response efforts in haiti! baby star will donate 10% of january sales to start giving now by shopping at! want to shop our warehouse? if you […]

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Touch The Boobies

I have a couple family members that have battled with Breast Cancer. I thought of sharing their story – but something didn’t feel right in doing so. I can’t offer much advice or particulars on this at all. But the internet is full of resources (heck it’s the internet). Your doctor or provider can offer […]