Product Diversion

In all industries, when it comes to business, things are tricky and often times downright dirty. It’s a tough and rough battle to be in. Marketing. Advertising. Sales. Building your brand. Being reputable, respectable and having the ability to stand out from the rest. To say that owning your own business or starting your own […]

Influencing and Inspiring and Breaking Borders

Just a few short months ago a situation put my online world into major perspective. I had already taken a hiatus from my mommy blogging and when I came back everything felt very different to me. It was no longer what I really wanted from my online world and I felt there was nothing but […]

How To Do Marketing Poorly

Once upon a time prior to children I took two classes in high school that were college level accounting courses. For some odd reason at the ripe (I’m talking I just turned) 16 I was swept up and fell in love with the world of business. Maybe we chalk it up to family genes as […]