Trying To Focus

Since Brent is home we have been running around like crazy. I went out of town for twenty four hours, we’ve been paying this bill, running here, buying this, doing that. It’s never ending and today is the first day I’ve actually sat down at my computer for longer than ten minutes. I’ve missed my […]

I’ve Been Away

For a few days. And I should be catching up, but I am spending my time right now cleaning my house and lounging with Tristan. All weekend we cleaned, played games and laid in a family pile watching Cake Boss. The show is our new family addiction. On top of all that I am going […]

Just Brittany?

One of my favorite things to do with my site is to peruse the keyword and phrases that direct people to come to this site. For me it is always entertaining. And don’t worry I have¬† three or four more to show you, but right now the one that has grabbed my attention is “Just […]

Brittany Is Loved

Yesterday I was on and off, on and off. Cleaning. Blogging. School. You know the typical stuff. And then I hopped on Facebook and noticed some beautiful person had posted a picture on my wall.¬† And it was a Brittany Love picture no less! It’s been awhile since I have updated with any Brittany Love […]

A Teenager

You know when you are a teenager and you do some weird, unexplained, stupid, silly crap? Well I’ve pretty much have kept EVERYTHING from when I was a teen. I’m talking notes, diaries, newspapers, calendars and MORE. I have a huge box dedicated to those years. Today I was re-boxing it all. The box it […]

I’m Brittany

Trisha over at MomDot wrote a great article today about how when we blog we end up forgetting to mention ourselves all to often than not. Like, Hi I’m Brittany this is what I look like kind of thing! So here I am going to reintroduce myself to you lovely people! My name is Brittany […]

Ode To 09

I have one last post of the year. I sat last night reminiscing about 2009. The ups, the downs and the all around. It was a good year, a bad year, a odd year – but definitely not the best year ever. I’ve had some pretty damn good years so comparison and contrast sticks 2009 […]

New Year’s Eve

In just a couple days it will New Year’s Eve. I once again will be having a spectacular time with some great friends. Last New Year’s was pretty amazing. I flew out to Arizona to spend it with my best friends that I’ve known since school. We partied all night at one friends house, left […]