I’m Chuck

I’m Chuck

I awoke this morning to two amazing texts messages, one from my BFF and the other from a friend saying “Morning Chuck”.  I’m Chuck. It’s my newest alter ego and the back story is long, complicated but mostly hilarious. The fact of the matter is I awoke this morning euphoric. I sat poolside last night […]

Creative And Fun Red Hair

Creative And Fun Red Hair

This client came to me only wanting her color retouched and a trim. The cut was much more trickier than the color. The formula I used for this spicy red hair is (Joico): 7RC + 8G + INC + 7FOR + 20 Volume Developer. I did a retouch from base to mid-strand but made sure […]

Creating A Mahogany Red Hair Color With Dimension

Creating A Mahogany Red Hair Color With Dimension

I have to start creating a portfolio for school. I am that close to graduating. My official graduation date is December 7th. So I figured while I was creating the portfolio for my school online with pictures I would go ahead and start showcasing them here too. With Fall coming up I thought it would […]

I thought of you today

I thought of you today. You used to be an everyday thought but somehow that’s faded. I thought of you the other day when I went to Karie’s. I thought how proud you would have been to watch Karie and I with our kids. The days I think of you, I hope you understand why […]

Dear Brent

I just wanted to write you a quick little note to give you something to look forward to. I mean I know you are looking forward to seeing us, not working, watching news, playing with the kids and of course sleeping in your bed. But see, you really do need just one more thing to […]

A Pirate Hat

So Saturday night in The Big Easy after experiencing the whole “sloshed on Bourbon St” (which means rain + alcohol both) we headed back to the Prince Conti Hotel. I was sitting on the floor laughing or something (probably fell off the bed I’m sure) and was moving clothes etc around in my bags. Just […]

This Is Why I’m Hot

So I got nominated for the Hot Blogger Calendar and you can vote – more like you HAVE to vote (wink) for me. And since today is my birthday you should do it as a present for me. And of course I will give you other reasons why. Here they are: April is my birth […]

I Got This

So far from two of my best friends and from my husband. Don’t you wish you were me! The Yankee Stadium Picture and a French Quarter sign. BAD ASS. Up Close shot. Not the best pics, they were taken with my phone. Do you know how excited I am to get my OWN tools? I’m […]

I suck at math

Badly. And of course I’m pretty much taking a lifetime worth of math and science. Science isn’t bad at all. I thoroughly enjoy it. I enjoy any subject really except math. My high school health class was probably my favorite course I ever took. We even took a “field trip” of sorts to a University […]

From A Whisper To A Scream

I haven’t been blogging. And I’m happy about it. Truly happy about it. Two years ago when I started clicking and tapping at these keys I wasn’t sure what the point of it was or where it was going to lead. Was there going to be a big red stop sign at the end of […]