Your Best Birth Book Review & Giveaway*closed*

It’s only taken me forever to get through all the books I have to bring you. This one I thought was a lot of fun to bring those Mom’s out there that are expecting – new, old, first or last! Your Best Birth is tagged as “Know All Your Options, Discover the Natural Choices, and […]

My Little Red Book – Review & Giveaway

Many, many moons ago I was inducted into the womanhood. I was in 6th grade when it happened. During school. My sister, my step sister and most girls I knew in my family had already been inducted and had the womanhood banner flying high in their lives. I was unprepared, unexcited and had better things […]

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Home

Make It Easy – Wednesday I thought this book would definitely be a great addition to my Make It Easy series I’m doing. It’s Mrs. Meyer’s ‘ no nonsense’ cleaning book. As I’ve stated before I am definitely OCD. But I always could use great organaziational tips when it comes to cleaning. On the normal […]

Author Review — Laurell K Hamilton

I know that everyone or almost everyone has been sucked into the Twilight world. And don’t get me wrong…I went and saw the movie and am now reading all the books, but it’s not completely my forte! I like the vampire thing. OK I love the vampire thing. I love the love story. I think […]