Quick Submit Giveaway Listings

Another list of places to submit your giveaway at . Check out my blogging posts for any other information you may seek. We already covered the Top Ten Giveaway Listing Sites, now let’s cover a Monday through Sunday Quick Submit Giveaway Listing Sites. These will have Mr. Linky, Simply Linked or McLinky in place on […]

Better Basket Blog Hop

Hershey’s has teamed up with the Children’s Miracle Network for over 20 years and this year are doing something extraordinary and are giving back. The AMAZING Melissa has given me a virtual Easter Basket and now it’s my turn to give one, give you information and spread the word and kindness. Information: Hershey has partnered […]

Product Review Networks

Are you wanting to delve into the product review side of blogging? Well there are many of networks out there worth checking out and here I will give you some that I have worked with and possibly worth checking out. Remember they may not always be accepting new members or anything else. Mom Central Vocal […]

Top Ten Giveaway Listing Sites

Running giveaways on your blogs? Need sites to drive traffic? Check this: Have you been blogging awhile and doing giveaways? Or are you new to the giveaway scene with your blog? Well look no further for listing sites. These are the ones that have generated the MOST traffic towards my giveaways. There are tons of […]

Blogger Blog Help

List of resources for those blogging on blogger. Not everyone can afford a giant plunge and decision to self host and with wordpress. Often blogger is the easiest, cheapest and the best route to go. I myself begun on blogger and the biggest thing I wanted to do was learn myself! I didn’t want to […]

Social Networking Icons

A list of Social Networking Icons for those who want to design their own! When it comes to branding, designing and all things blog related, one of the funnest parts for me is adding those little social networking icons (image). It adds a little more character to your blog and an easy way to connect […]


Writer Cyril Connolly said “Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self.” And as I type this, I think I am not actually writing, but typing. Potato – Patato. Let’s call the whole thing off. Either way. I’m sure as you read that quote […]