Creative Writing – Make An Excuse

Last week I went ahead and gave two creative writing topics and posted about them. Of course I didn’t bother to think about giving y’all another topic to write about this week. Or really any directions. So you can write on either of those topics or use the one I will give you now! Either […]

SEO – Attempting a breakdown

All across the internet if there is one thing I see on a daily basis is the three little letters SEO. Often times and including myself on this point, I care very little and don’t understand SEO. Most people knighted with SEO expertise will tell you of the importance of it on your blog, website […]

Are Bloggers Creating Bad Arguments

In this day and age we as bloggers have found that not only is our blog the perfect place to share our life stories (etc) but voice our opinion and stance; on what others may deem argumentative. I for one enjoy a good argument or two, but often times avoid it on the blog because […]

Creative Writing – High School

So just a few seconds ago I hit publish on my Creative Writing post informing you of my super awesome magic skills of slacking. And of course promised you a new post today, another prompt due by Tuesday. Which, I’ll type and save to draft over the weekend so my magic slacker skills will be […]

Creative Writing – 12 Bad Ones

Somewhere between moving, school and attempting to become a millionaire I forgot about the idea I concocted last fall or summer or whatever. My creative writing one here. The one thing I still actually enjoy about my blog and surely don’t want to let die. So I guess I’ll play catch up on a Friday […]

I like pina coladas and rain

  Today I was reading various posts across the blog world. Posts that I should but don’t feel like mentioning because it takes far too much time to hyperlink and I probably should be in my bath that is bigger than my closet then heading to bed. But what I should be doing is never […]

Creative Writing – Entertain Yourself

Last week I wrote about My Perfect World and gave the prompt: “Write about 5 things you would do to entertain yourself if you didn’t see a single person (including kids!) for 7 days”. And if you know me, my mind wandered to the side of dirty but was quickly corrected. As a Mom and […]

Creative Writing – The Perfect World

Last week I gave you the creative writing prompt – “What is your Perfect World?”. Of course how could I go on to next week’s topic without giving you my perfect world! And for more information about creative writing – visit Creative Writing. Also be sure to visit the other links and read about their […]

New Year – New Creative Writing

I have been MIA for a very long time. Very long. Maybe most of you haven’t noticed because I had so many blog posts scheduled. Either way. Here we go let’s get on this creative writing stuff. I have missed it dearly and my enlarged head and tiny brain are swirling with ideas. So this […]

Creative Writing – The Ideal Day

So it’s the last post in the Creative Writing series. I’m actually pretty excited about starting this off in the New Year with some of the topics I have! And this topic should be a fun one with it being the very last one. I will leave the linky open until Christmas Eve. I hope […]