Create A Dress Cake

When Brodie told me she wanted her birthday party to be centered around all things fashion my mind started reeling on how I could pull it off, especially when it came to the cake. I sat down and let my creative juices flow and I created birthday invitations for a fashion party, but how was […]

Birthday Girl

My oldest daughter, Brodie turned 9 today.  9. What the hell…. Happy Birthday beautiful girl. You are not allowed any more birthdays. That is all.


I bet you thought it was my birthday. But it’s not. I still have 5 months and whatever many days. (I’m pretending not to actually count here) Not but oh…a week or more ago I celebrated 2 birthdays. 1. Mr. Greer. He turned 31. He thinks he’s old. I think he’s one hot old guy. […]

A Happy Birthday

Tristan Ace, you are now 4. F O U R. Where has time gone? Happy Birthday you little turd.

Brittany Wishes

I thought, for a change I would post my wish list for my birthday. Which is April 22nd! I know, for a Mom it should be easy. But honestly, I’ve accepted the fact that I will not get a day without my kids fighting and acting like hooligans. Such is life. So here we go- […]

Brodie Lynn

Brodie — 8 years ago (well on December 2ND) you came into my life. I was so young. Very young. But I knew I wanted you. It may have not been the best of decisions that your Dad and I purposely try to get pregnant, but 8 years later, I wouldn’t change that choice. You […]

5 Fast Years

Five years ago was when all my anxiety hit about parenting more than one child. I have already told you all about that feeling. But when this hairy little dude came, all was right in the world. And I am not joking about the hairy comment. At all. He was and still is, covered in […]

A Happy Day?!

Ten years ago I had no clue how special a day today is. I was being 16, ten years ago, driving around my small town, listening to my music entirely to loud and gossiping with friends. Now ten years later I understand the importance of today. In my family birthday’s were always a big deal. […]