Alice In Wonderland Birthday Cake

I made this cake for Tristan’s birthday that was Alice in Wonderland themed. If I had the time and patience to tell you how I created it I would. Maybe I will someday but instead I thought I would just share what the cake looks like. It involved round pans, Wilton Fondant Icing, Wilton Sparkling […]

Goody Bags For A Fashion Birthday Party

It is some unwritten rule in the universe that for a birthday party to be a true birthday party, there needs to be goody bags. Or maybe this is just in my head. Either way for both of my kids’ birthday party I put together enough goody bags for all kinds to enjoy. I thought […]

How To Decorate For A Fashion Party

Brodie wanted her birthday party centered around fashion as I said. And when it came to decorations and making the party a hit, again, I was at a loss. By the time the decorations, favors etc came around I had already obviously had the Birthday Invitations made and the Dress Cake idea going. I wanted […]

Birthday Invitations For Girls

While I was on my hiatus I threw to huge birthday parties. OK not exactly huge, but big enough. And I did all the planning, cooking, decorating etc myself. See, I did more than just focus on finances! But regardless, the two birthday parties I threw were for Dayton and Brodie. I was going to […]