5 Items To Always Have In Your Bathroom

I can tell you what makeup you should have, what basic makeup brushes to always have and the other makeup kit items you’ll need — but I wanted to cover something else. 5 liquid items that you should always keep in your bathroom {or elsewhere} that are extremely versatile, especially with beauty.   1. Rubbing […]

Homemade Bubble Bath

This homemade bubble bath is so fun and actually pretty easy to do. I don’t use bubble bath all the time so that is why I go with the homemade version. Plus using a bubble bath at night with some candles is the best way to unwind from a icky kind of day! What you […]

Homemade Bath Oil

Bath oils are a fantastic way to soften the skin and slow down your day with a lovely soak in the bath. And not all of us want to go to the store and sometimes spend a good penny on bath oils that we may not use all the time. So why not make some […]

5 Amazing Scents To Try At Bath & Body Works

My addiction to lotions and perfumes (and products) is a bit overwhelming to most people who enter my closet. While that image doesn’t portray my full stock it shows enough for you to get that I know and have tried MANY different scents.So I thought I would let you know which 5 scents you MUST […]

Smelling Good

If you know me and I’m talking been in my house, in particular my bathroom – you would know I am a product junkie. I love anything that smells yummy and I love to stock up on it! I have fragrances for special occasions, fragrances to go out in and ones that I wear to […]

Must Have Beauty Products 2

So last week I introduced you to some of the products that I MUST have in my shower.  Well now I want to show you the products I have to have once I get out of the shower, and of course put some clothes on. No-frizz Creme – TRESemme Seriously smells amazing. Bath & Body […]

Bath & Body Works Fragrances

Last weekend when I went and got my nails done and a pedicure I had to stop at Bath & Body Works. I used to always go to Victoria’s Secret, but let us let the secret out – the smells aren’t so hot anymore. So anyway I went into the store and ended up buying […]

J.R. Watkins Review

Make It Easy – Thursday This day I am devoting to another review, but for us, as Moms once again. I never understand the idea that we can’t be good for our kids if we aren’t good to ourselves. It seemed to be a ridiculous statement in my book. But the more I evaluated my […]

Mea Culpa Body & Bath

Are we having fun yet? I am! And here we have another one of my favorite Etsy shops! You see it says Body & Bath? Yeah I am a foo-foo girl! I love Body & Bath EVERYTHING! Especially homemade!!!! A little blurb from the talented owner of Mea Culpa… Dec 2nd to Dec 25th lets […]